Perihelion 0.4.0

Perihelion is a 2D real time strategy game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Lorenzo Gil Sanchez and Pablo Diaz Gut...
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Perihelion is a 2D real time strategy game.

The Story

It is 3028 AD. In the Galaxy of Chonchi (where there are many frivolous laws such as wearing one's knickers at all times) a rash of inhabitants have been arrested and detained from the public after having been caught wearing no undergarments. The penal institutions accommodating the criminals have been exhausted, and as a result, many (considered to be the most serious offenders) have been deported to asteroids in the Galaxy of Brine to fend for themselves. Upon arrival, the offenders are issued a shovel and a modest AutoLife Kit (a self-building shelter).

In this Galaxy of Brine there are several asteroids orbiting a central star. In their orbits, all of these asteroids are eventually positioned so close to the star that most living organisms inhabiting the asteroid are destroyed. After passing this point (perihelion), the asteroid has the ability to regenerate life in an unusually rapid manner. Through trading and cultivating resources the exiled must muster up enough money to buy his way off the asteroid before he is annihilated.

Although we are in the 4th millenium, civilization has regressed to its early stages. The character is placed onto the asteroid with the shortest orbiting cycle with nothing but a shovel and his will to live.

What's New in This Release:

This is the version we turned in for the ICS187 course.
A lot of new sounds, a more stable server and the first implementation of the trade/shop screens.

Last updated on April 15th, 2008

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