Gatecrash 0.0.6

Gatecrash is a capture-the-flag tank game for Linux.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Christian Reitwiessner
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Gatecrash is a capture-the-flag tank game for Linux.

Gatecrash is a multiplayer networked action capture-the-flag tank game similar to "Firepower" or "Return fire" and is currently able to import the graphics from the game Command & Conquer by Westwood (now EA).



How to compile Gatecrash

Under Linux, or a similar Unix, calling the script should do the job.

On different platforms you are on your own, at least at this early stage of the project. But as Gatecrash uses libsdl, it should run on many platforms.

How to obtain the graphics data

If you own C&C: Tiberium Dawn, simply copy the file conquer.mix into the cncdata subdirectory and rename it to "demo.mix". This was not tested yet, but it should work...

If you do now own C&C: Tiberim Dawn, you can download the demo version from the westwood site:

Simply extract this zip in the cncdata directory (be sure to use the -L option under Linux, so that unzip generates lowercase filenames). Actually only the file demo.mix is used, it should be there now.

How to run Gatecrash

Run the server in the Gatecrash directory using:

./server < map name > < team 1 name > < team 2 name >

For example:

./server scg10ea team1 team2 team3

Maps available in the C&C demo version are: scg03ea, scg05ea and scg10ea.

The server tries to find random positions for the bases, but fails mostly because of the small sizes of the C&C maps. Restart it if the number of bases is too small for your needs.

When the server is running, you can start the client:

./client [< server >] < nickname >

You can leave out the server name if it is the local host. So to run the client on a machine where you have just started the server, you use:

./client nickname

If your framerate is too low, try using a different SDL video driver. I have made the best experiences with the fbcon driver. To use the driver, type the following command just before starting the client:

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon

It is possible that you need root privileges in order to access the frame buffer (you can also add your user to the video group or similar).

Your vehicle is chosen from your player id, every second connecting player drives a Mammoth tank, and every other player flys an Orca.

How to play Gatecrash

You control your vehicle with the arrow keys and fire using the space bar. The bullets go over every terrain but hit walls and other vehicles or guns. You cannot destroy other things than walls, and there is not yet any flag to capture, but you can at least chase your friends. A known bug is that you cannot driver over bridges (fords are ok), because of the different in the collision detection of Gatecrash and Command & Conquer.

Last updated on July 15th, 2008

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