Call of Combat 1.11

A 3D online, multiplayer, wargame where you control an infantry squad in WWII

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What's new in Call of Combat 1.11:

  • Rank icons now show next to a players name
  • Implemented 'Commando' game type
  • Tab now opens 'kill sheet'
  • A notification is placed in the top left when someone gets killed
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.7/5 30
Florian Kading
ROOT \ Games \ RTS
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Call of CombatCall of CombatCall of Combat
Call of Combat is a free real-time multiplayer squad based WW2 infantry simulation. Play as Axis or Allies on over 50 user submitted battlefields controlling your squad of 4 soldiers and working with up to 30 other players to defend, attack or annihilate the enemy.

If you survive you'll gain promotion points that will eventualy gain you higher rank, respect, and the responsibility to command other players. Join a Clan (Army Groups) and battle alongside your friends for first place honors.

Full stat tracking of individual and team wins and losses, kills and deaths, etc creates a persistent record of each player and clan within the game and more importantly tracks your legacy from green recruit to super soldier.

This game started as a clone of 2am's Chain of Command.

Last updated on June 20th, 2010


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