BonzayRTS engine 140311 Pre-Alpha

This project provides a tool for effortlessly building Real-Time Strategy game engines

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What's new in BonzayRTS engine 140311 Pre-Alpha:

  • This is a major bugfix release. It fixes numerous crashes, GUI issues, and adds missing buildings and now damaged buildings spew fire/blood depending on how bad the damage is.
  • Engine:
  • Fixed a bug in SDLMixer allowing one extra channel than available, that lead to crashing
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GPL v3 
Alexandru Botezatu
ROOT \ Games \ RTS
6 BonzayRTS engine Screenshots:
BonzayRTS engine - Zerg egg morphingBonzayRTS engine - Protoss gathering mineralsBonzayRTS engine - Game negotiation: choose mapBonzayRTS engine - Startup units testBonzayRTS engine - Game negotiation: choose networkBonzayRTS engine - Game negotiation: lobby
BonzayRTS is an open source and free project designed for users who want an easy and comfortable way for building a RTS (Real-Time Strategy) engine.

BonzayRTS provides support for isometric RTS games, clear, object-oriented design, separation of GUI (Graphical User Interface) from game code, and it includes networking code examples.

The project also provides basic entities for a real-time strategy game, with implemented GRP and SDL components.

A proof-of-concept clone of the popular StarCraft game is also created using this engine, called OpenCraft. However, the project's goal is to have a functional Linux version first.

Last updated on September 16th, 2013

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