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travtrack project is a Galaxy generator & editor for Traveller(tm).
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Robert Uhl
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travtrack project is a Galaxy generator & editor for Traveller(tm).

travtrack is a tool to help a Traveller(tm) referee keep track of essential data for a game.

Already implemented are galaxies, sectors, subsectors, systems, stars, planets, belt and moons.

Yet to be implemented are trade routes, ships, characters, and all the rest. These will take some time, but should not be too complex. It currently uses the GURPS Traveller:First In rules for system generation, but a subproject is under way to add Classic Traveller generation and output.

travlib is a collection of C routines that should make writing a Traveller application easier. A guile interface to the data representation functions is provided.

Here are some key features of "travtrack":

Display of hex-mapped navigational data for subsectors Implemented
Display of system, stellar and planetary information
Display of galactic and sector maps
Display of systems as orbits
Display of planets as orbits (i.e., with moons orbiting)
Generation of subsectors, systems, stars, planets, belts and moons
Generation of world information (governments, TL &c.)
Auto-generation of merchant routes
Support for Classic and GURPS Traveller rulesets


PyGTK 2.4
Python 2.3.3

What's New in This Release:

Implemented Scheme printing
XML-like printing is now
deprecated and may be removed in the future
Also implemented its complement, Scheme reading.

Last updated on November 14th, 2006

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