Zombie Survival 1.0

Proof of concept for a simulation-heavy zombie survival game!
Zombie Survival
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Zombie Survival is a very rough and early sketch for an ambitious project. For now it isn't really playable, only a sketch of the basic game dynamics:

* You control the player inside a house at the beginning of an infection outbreak. - zombies chase humans, who in their turn run away from z's.
* If a zombie catches an NPC human, they become a zombie too
* You can right click to interact with things (eat/drink food, open/close the door). Right clicking on a zombie will destroy it (for debugging purpose, no LOS testing or weapons of any type are taken into acount)
* Zombies follow noise.
* Zombies attacking walls make noise.
* The player can make noise by pressing 'k' (for knock).

Developer comments

I have reached a point where it is becoming complex enough that I need to cleanup and plan better my code (at the moment everything is in a single py file, and it's starting to be a problem). This is the first time I do a serious attempt at writing a complex game like this, so any help or advice will be very welcome.

last updated on:
June 7th, 2011, 9:43 GMT
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Mayec Rancel
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Zombie Survival
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