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Zezenia Online is a free 2D massive multiplayer online roleplaying game, also known as MMORPG.

n Zezenia, you can fight monsters, purchase better equipment from NPCs or other players, found or join a group to enjoy the game with other players who share your interests, smith mighty weapons and enchant them with powerful elixirs to make them even more dangerous, take part in various events organized by the staff or just relax and hang out with your friends in the local tavern.

A long time ago... in a mysterious world called Zezenia... the battle between good and evil is about to begin... and it's all about YOU how it will end! Be a part of the marvellous realm of Zezenia and influence the future! Only the bravest will be able to prevail in this cruel medieval world. Find your destiny, whatever it may look like, the possibilities are endless. Eventually, it will not matter which out of the seven different paths you choose, all that will matter is how well you can handle your abilities, but be careful, you will not be the only one seeking glory and prosperity!

On your perilous journey, you may, apart from horrifying creatures, also come across vicious rogues, powerful pyromancers, ruthless barbarians, enigmatical shamans, honorable marksmen, mighty warlocks or sacred paladins. Be cautious, some might fight on your side, while others will just wait for you to turn around to stab you right into your back! Finding loyal comrades that will support you even in bad times and would follow you blindly even into your own death could be the key to success. The ways to the top are as multifarious as the world itself.

The seed of evil will not only sprout in humans, but also in creatures, turning them into merciless bloodthirsty monsters. All over Zezenian realm, both good and evil have spread. Watch out whenever taking a step forward... it could turn out to have been your very last.
Last updated on November 22nd, 2010
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