XShipWars 2.6.1

XShipWars is a space oriented highly graphical network game system.
XShipWars is a massively multi-player game, ultra graphical, space-oriented gaming system designed exclusively for network play. You create your own universes, build your own vessels and form your own empires.


CPU: 486 or faster
Graphics: 16 or 32 bit capable video card
Resolution: min 1024x768 virtual screen size
Memory: 10 to 60 MB (depending on universe)
Bandwidth: 19.6k bps or faster
Disk Space: 100 MB for complete install
YIFF Sound Server (optional for sound support, better performance and reliablity than EsounD)
EsounD (optional for sound support)
libjsw (optional for joystick support)

X GUI Options

Below is the help output for XShipWars when `xsw --help' is typed at the prompt.

Usage: xsw [url] [options] [GUI_options]

[url] is the URL to the universe that you want to connect to.

[options] can be any of the following:

--rcfile Load configuration from .
-f Same as --rcfile.
--control Specify which controller to use:
-c Same as --control.
--help Prints (this) help screen and exits.
--version Prints version information and exits.

Most customizations can be performed in the options menu.

Command line options override any options in the configuration file.

[GUI_options] can be any options standard to your GUI, consult your GUI's manual for available options.

What's New in This Release:

A bug in the mapping of the client's message window that caused the WM to produce duplicate unmapping events was fixed along with a bug in the server that caused lock-ups during disk statistic fetching on SWTrek.

last updated on:
June 24th, 2008, 13:41 GMT
developed by:
Wolfpack Entertainment
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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