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An Open Source project that simplifies the development of a complete MMORPG gaming system

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WorldForge::Eris (also known as Eris) is a free and open source software implemented in C++ and designed as a common and standard system for dealing with the various Atlas tasks, including encapsulating entities that are available on a client, managing updates from a server, logging into a server, as well as updating of entities.

The application is also a session layer on top of Atlas that provides persistent objects, it handles meta-server protocol client-side implementation, as well as querying several game servers at once. Additionally, Eris provides out-of-game operations via Rooms or Lobby, and in-game operations like entity creation, updates and movement.

What is WorldForge?

WorldForge is an open source, completely free and cross-platform software project that has been designed from the ground up to provide various servers, clients, tools and protocols that allow you to easily and quickly create and host your own virtual and online world.

Getting started with WorldForge::Eris

To use the WorldForge::Eris client, you will have to first install the WorldForge application. The best way to install these packages on your GNU/Linux operating system is to use the pre-built binaries from the main software repositories of your distribution.

If the software aren’t available for your Linux OS, then you must use the source archive distributed on Softpedia to install it, keeping in mind that several dependencies are needed, which can be viewed at a glance in the requirements section below.

Under the hood and supported operating systems

Looking under the hood of the WorldForge::Eris project, we can notice that the C++, Python and Lua programming languages have been used to write its source code. The software is officially supported and installable on all GNU/Linux distributions, as well as on the FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. It’s compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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Last updated on December 2nd, 2014
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