The Minstrel's Song 1.4 / 2.0

The Minstrel's Song project is a roguelike game with emphasis on worldbuilding.

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What's new in The Minstrel's Song 1.4:

  • This is something like an HTML5 after the XHTML of a nominally graphic version.
  • It is a release with a few annoying wrinkles ironed out, and improved stability.
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Jonathan Hayward
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1 The Minstrel's Song Screenshot:
The Minstrel's Song
The Minstrel's Song project is a roguelike game with emphasis on worldbuilding.

The Minstrel's Song is a roguelike game which seeks to let the user interact with a rich and extensive world.

Among roguelikes, emphasis is on providing nonlinear play in a detailed environment.

Effort has been made to provide races that have not only stats but cultures.

Top 10 things to do in "The Minstrel s Song":

Pet a dolphin.
Pray and worship.
Ride a dragon.
Match wits with a clockwork door.
Climb a tree.
Answer a riddle.
Build your own mechanical devices.
Keep an exotic pet.
Choose your own quest.
Explore a world of wonder.

To compile and run this game, go into the directory src, edit the file "tms.h" according to the comments that are contained in, and use make.

More specifically, it needs a certain lib directory, where all of the files in "lib" are stored. /usr/local/lib/tms is reccommended. Once you have created that directory and moved all of the files to it (be sure that book8.txt is writeable by everybody -- it is more or less the high score file), set LIB_DIR in tms.h to that directory, with a trailing slash -- ie. change appropriate line to say.

#define LIB_DIR "/usr/local/lib/tms/"

(or whatever you have put for your lib directory.)

Security note: It is strongly discouraged to install TMS as a SetUID binary; the game is not designed to have special priveleges.

Last updated on November 18th, 2012

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