The Ark Roleplaying Kernel 0.1.4

The Ark Roleplaying Kernel is a 3D multiplayer roleplaying engine.
The Ark Roleplaying Kernel
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The Ark Roleplaying Kernel project is a 3D multiplayer roleplaying engine.

The Ark Roleplaying Kernel is a roleplaying engine that will allow game developers to create a full- featured role playing game, without having to write a single line of C++. All they have to do is to create game data (models, textures, world), and define the behaviour NPCs, in Lua. The engine contains a full outdoor 3D engine, with support for skeletal animation, and triangle- accurate collision detection. It also contains tools to create world and quests, and loaders for the most common low-polygon 3D formats.

After an never-ending war which had begun because of the arrival of the daphyrings (insect-like creatures) which some humans feared, the planet sank bit by bit into a Middle-Age-like ignorance. From the bits of a rich and united nation were born numerous empires ever waging war between themselves. Humans having forgotten all their knowledge use the seldom-found devices of the ancient civilization such as magical artifacts, for they now know only how to forge old-fashioned weapons such as swords, axes, bows...

Fauna and flora themselves have been modified, because of the cataclysms (nuclear incidents) which occurred during the Great War. These accidents have also divided humans into many clans yet having a common religion. It is in this world, named Arkhart, that the game named for the moment ArkhartRPG (ah, such originality!) takes place.


· Lua 4.0.1 (required)
· Simple DirectMedia Layer 1.2.0 (required)
· GTK+ 1.2.0 (recommended)

What's New in This Release:

· MessageView.cpp fixes.
· Fixed a compilation problem.
· quick hack to have a better defaut font without changing everything.
· More information output when crashing due to not reading the INSTALL.

last updated on:
January 4th, 2007, 5:05 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Quentin Mérigot
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The Ark Roleplaying Kernel
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3 Screenshots
The Ark Roleplaying KernelThe Ark Roleplaying Kernel

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