Tactics Arena Online 1.55c

Tactics Arena Online calls upon your skill and valour to rally a heroic force and destroy the enemy in battle.

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Tactics Arena OnlineTactics Arena OnlineTactics Arena Online
Enter a world of fantasy and legends. Tactics Arena Online game calls upon your skill and valour to rally a heroic force and destroy the enemy in battle. Wage strategic warfare with a team of specialized warriors and mystical creatures at your command. Design a custom army from a wide range of fighters or mages, and unleash the fury of beasts and mighty golems to dominate the battle arena.

Here are some key features of "Tactics Arena Online":

True Turn-Based Strategy Gameplay

Engaging one-on-one battles with tactical elements to challenge and satisfy even hardcore TBS fans.

3 Unique Races

Humans, Golems, and Beasts each possess unique combat abilities and attributes.

19 Unit Types

Mix and match fighters and spell-casters from different races to devise new strategies.

Clan System

Build your own clan and recruit members to wear the clan tag and share a private chat channel.

Full Multiplayer Support

Meet and challenge players from around the world through the online game lobby.


30 day trial

What's New in This Release:

Account expiry notification for grey accounts.
Revised blocking system (Click here for more info...)
Poison Wisp now has 30 HP
Golem Ambusher now hurls a boulder at a single target from 4 to 5 tiles away

Last updated on October 1st, 2007

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