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Tactical Rogue is a tactical roguelike game.




Tactical Rogue game aims to take the best of two very interesting concepts and merge them together, namely, the variety and endlessness of rogue and the strategic elements of Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics.

Basically this means we'll be autogenerating vast amounts of items, weapons and armors, autogenerating dungeon labyrinths and autogenerating monsters based on set profiles. Then, we will use these autogenerated worlds and enforce a strategical/tactical engine based upon many simply attributes such as speed, movement, agility, strength, dexterity, wisdom, intelligence, hp, mp, level, class and experience. The game will run semi-realtime, in the sense that time progresses until someones wait-time reaches zero allowing them to move/act which will then reset their wait-time to it's maximum value based upon the characters traits and attributes.

The game will be developed under linux using sdl and c++, using .png for graphical storage of sprites and aminations and .ogg (vorbis) for storage of sound effects and music. All files, be it code, music or sprites will be licenced in a license compatible with the GPL, most likely under the GPL.


· OpenGL

What's New in This Release:

· new website
· added Classes
· added some artwork (lakes, new character)
· moved a lot of hardcoded values into xml files.
· added terrains
Last updated on May 14th, 2007
Tactical RogueTactical Rogue

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