Stardog 0.2011.02.16.0

A 2D space shooter RPG in the spirit of Star Control II
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Stardog is a 2D space shooter RPG similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration.


 * Enter: menu
 * Tab: radar
 * Del: self-destruct
 * wasd/arrows: thrust and turn
 * q/e: strafe
 * ctrl: shoot
 * space: launch missiles (if equipped)
 * Mouse: move to turn, left click to shoot, right click to thrust

Keys can be changed in the menu.

Main features:

  • Huge universe with sandbox non-linear game flow. (currently working on construction tools)
  • Completely modular ship design: add and remove parts to your ship to make it as big or small as you want. (implemented)
  • Parts can be blown off enemies, collected and equipped, all during battle (working)
  • Enemy ships spawn with Diablo-style random part generation (implemented 10-29-10, needs much more content)
  • Realistic 2D physics (working)
  • A Dozen alien races to explore (some content, no implementation)
  • Scores of types of enemy ships, each with their own ship design, tactics, and type of parts. (currently 2 with random design variants)
  • Take hyperspace tunnels between solar systems (under construction)
  • Stardog is written in Python with Pygame.
  • Write me if you are interested in collaborating in any way- coding, graphics, art, ai, plot, etc-
  • Source is available here under GPL; contact for other licence.

last updated on:
February 17th, 2011, 9:16 GMT
developed by:
Shanti Pothapragada
license type:
GPL v3 
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What's New in This Release:
  • Adds stores to planets. When landed on a planet, you can trade with it. Each planet starts with a few random parts, and keeps any parts that fall into it from space. Currently, there is no money, so "trading" is more like giving and taking.
  • Fixes several Parts Menu errors.
  • Parts menu layout changed. Parts now drag and drop onto the selected part, like you would expect.
  • Destroyer is longer.
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