Spice Trade 1.2

Spice Trade is a RPG/strategy/adventure game.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
2.8/5 20
Juha Holopainen
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Spice TradeSpice TradeSpice Trade
Spice Trade project is an RPG/strategy/adventure game.

Spice Trade is an RPG/adventure/strategy game in which the main character is a poor man who has lost his parents, inherited some land and a house.

He becomes a trader of spices and herbs in Baghdad at a time when Europeans are starting their "great voyages of exploration".

The game character has to ensure that the Europeans do not take over his country and his culture, while he has to expand the sphere of influence of his own culture.



What's New in This Release:

Added a "nothing thanks" dialog option to Iblis
Fixed a bug that caused music to be turned on (even when it was turned off) when game ended
Fixed a missing picture for soldier when purchasing his services
Fixed a typo in the picture name for the Budapest army
Fixed a bug in the dialog choices for Budapest's "church to mosque" invitation
Removed old music definition from witch's cave that caused a stack trace
Fixed a few problems with attacking the London pub owner
Fixed a typo in the picture name of Constantinople's bank manager (showed up in dialog when starting the marriage quest)
Fixed a bug in the Iblis' new demand, when sacrificing your only wife (and especially Emine) did not work correctly
Fixed (finally) the "wifes" typo in the status dialog :-)
Fixed a bug that caused uncle Adbullah to lend money infinitely after paying back the first loan
Fixed a bug in the lovers' dialogs, so that the world map now shows up when getting a travel permit from him/her
Fixed a bug that caused the building permit quests for museum, shrine and library were not marked as "done" in the diary when bribing the official
A bunch of changes to the logic in getting married with Umm
Changed the file I/O routines to use the ISO-8859-1 character encoding explicitly
Fixed a reoccurring bug in the sound system that resulted in a stack trace on a machine with no sound card

Tweaked cardemon and basic food prices so that the planting cardemon would be profitable while playing with the normal difficulty setting
Tweaked Yima's threshold for talking to player
Changed the size of the book of life hot spot to very large (whole screen), so people would not miss it

Last updated on January 5th, 2007

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