Retribution 1.0

Retribution is a topdown RPG game inspired by Ultima 1-3.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Retribution Team
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Retribution is a topdown RPG game inspired by Ultima 1-3.

The Retribution project is a single player Ultima inspired top-down RPG where the player controls the hero and embarks on a mighty quest full of danger and intrigue. The story begins in ye old times of yore. A dark mist has crossed the village Soddam. The village people have requested your help to purge the village of an almighty thrusting spearhead of Gaudy Maurauders.

The project is being written using the Java programming language by a team of seven heros. The basics for the game is that there will be a controlable player that will be able to interact with enimies and friendlies within the confinds of the map. There will be a series of linear missions that will involve the user completing a specific task. A final boss will have to be defeated in order to complete the game.

It will have a splash screen intro, a GUI menu with options. The playable game and final outro screen which will credit the heros involved.

We are using googlecode as a place to store progress that we have made in the project. This can be found at This contains a wiki and team information. It gives a general overview of the game aswell as technical information related to the project such as bon files etc.

Last updated on April 15th, 2008


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