OpenRPG 1.7.1

OpenRPG is suite of role-playing utilities for online and tabletop gaming.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.6/5 21
OpenRPG Team
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OpenRPG project is suite of RPG utilities for online and tabletop gaming.

More accurately described, OpenRPG is a role-playing game shell. In its basic form, OpenRPG is a peer-to-peer chat program with very advanced die rolling capabilities, a web based miniature map (think virtual table top), and a data organizer (game tree).

However, OpenRPG is highly extendable and customizable. OpenRPG is designed in a way to facilitate the development of add-ons or extension modules (called applets) that can add to its functionality.

Add-ons are created on top of the gaming shell using resources provided by the OpenRPG core. Currently, OpenRPG contains a collection of generic and system specific add-ons. OpenRPG also supports form based character sheet.

Here are some key features of "OpenRPG":

Miniature Map: Simulate combat with a layered, web base, miniature map. Load any image off the web! Map features include: hex or square adjustable overlay grid, background images, z-order, facing, labels, free hand drawing, tape measure, and more.
Game Tree: A highly customizable data organizer that allows for the creating of custom made characters sheets and GM aids. A plug in architecture that allows for openrpg add-ons!
Chat: A full featured chat system that allows embed HTML. Embed color, tables, images, and links!
Die Engine: A full feature die engine that contains many of the common die roll options and a plug in architecture that allows for the development of game specific rollers.
Game Servers: Run your own dedicated game server.


· Python v2.3
· wxPython v2.4

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed Problems with multiple people moving miniatures (03/09/2007)
· Fixed Local minis always labeled (03/09/2007)
· Fixed Lines disappearing randomly - Hopefully (03/09/2007)
· Removed the Popup box for map sync errors (03/09/2007)
· Fixed a bug for OSX and starting up (02/20/2007)
· Fixed a miss spelling of Label (And added the ability to initate a label edit in the game tree by pressing F2) (02/20/2007)
· Fixed a bug that was causing images to not load on older clients (02/20/2007)
· Added the Quote Box plugin (02/20/2007)
· Added the option of having the Game Tree and Player List background and text colors set the same as the chat windows (02/18/2007)
· Added the ability to have the Lobby of the server send a looping sound file to anyone who joins (02/18/2007)
· Fixed a minor bug in the Ban code (02/18/2007)
· Made the ban_list.xml format nice (02/18/2007)
· Fixed a bug that was causing open to not start properly if you had Python installed in the Program files folder (02/18/2007)
· Made the ban_list.xml format nice (02/18/2007)
· Made the Server Ban List HTML safe (02/16/2007)
· Fixed the Alias Lib and HTML in the filters (02/15/2007)
· Fixed the Alias Lib and removing the last name in the list (02/15/2007)
· Fixed the Alias Lib and HTML in the names (02/15/2007)
· Fixed Ban list saving on the server (02/15/2007)
· Fixed the Alias Lib and HTML in the names (02/15/2007)
· Changed the Local image loading so that it is threaded, and will auto reupload images after 40 hours (The backend deletes images after 48 hours) (02/11/2007)
· Few Segfault fixes for Linux. (02/10/2007)
· Fixed it so the Selected Alias will not get reset every time a new tab is created (02/08/2007)
· Various *nix fixes for the Alias Lib, Map, and SimpleInit plugin (02/08/2007)
· Fix so when you Ban a player it boots them from the server (02/07/2007)
· Finished the Alias Lib Filter code, you can now Add/Edit/Delete filters again (02/07/2007)
· Forgot to add the remote admin ban command (02/07/2007)
· Added the ability to Unban players via remote admin (02/07/2007)
· Added the ability to list Banned players via remote admin (02/07/2007)
· Changed the two server side commands disable remote admin and enable remote admin to a single command remoteadmin that will toggle like the remotekill command does. (02/07/2007)
· Fix for yesterdays fuck up (02/06/2007)
· Added the ability to load local files for Mini's and Backgrounds (02/05/2007)
· Added Ban code {by Darren} (02/04/2007)
· Added the Ability to disable the remote /admin commands {by Darren} (02/04/2007)
· Added the ability to disable the remote kill ability but leave the other commands (02/04/2007)
· Added the /purge command back by popular demand (02/04/2007)
· Upgraded the Init Tool to 2.2.7 (02/04/2007)
· Removed some errant print statments from the Compression code (02/04/2007)
· Added message compression to clients and servers that will only be used when both know how to deal with it. (02/03/2007)
· This will reduce the bandwidth of servers (if all clients are using it) by about 200%.
· eg, My gametree runs about 400k, now to send that to all players (say 6) thats 2.4MB of bandwidth.
· With compression on all ends it only sends 108k (Less then the origional size of the tree)
· Fixed some nodes from opening too small (02/03/2007)
· Added wxPython 2.8.1 as acceptable, with this change wx2.6 is no longer supported (it still works but I will just tell you to upgrade if you report a bug and are using wx2.6) (01/25/2007)
· Made the Alias Lib window Hidden by default (01/25/2007)
· Changed the Namesoud plugin to use RegEx (01/25/2007)
· Modified the Simple Init plugin to allow editing and add of Init members after you have started the round (01/25/2007)
· Fix for Aliases not showing in new tabs (01/24/2007)
· Added the Simple Init Plugin (01/22/2007)
· Fix for the Chat scrolling back to the top for each message (01/20/2007)
· Fix for Aliases not showing in whisper tabs (01/20/2007)
· Fix for wx2.6 and setting the Map Background Color (01/20/2007)
· Fix for a sound bug if the old style sound was being used (11/25/2006)
· Debug messages added to the Game Tree (11/25/2006)
· Fixed the Gametree Properties Dialog (11/24/2006)
· Added debugging messages to the gametree (11/24/2006)
· Added some more Debugging messages, also fixed some bad Debug messages (11/23/2006)
· Faster Scroll to Bottom method for the chat window (11/21/2006)
· Changed some window creation back to how it was to fix a bug on *nix (11/21/2006)
· Fix so you dont have to be connected to the net to run Open (11/18/2006)
· Added support for wx2.7.2 (11/17/2006)
· Fix for initial installs not being able to un/dock windows {You will need to delete your layout.xml file to fix this} (11/17/2006)
· Another patch for the URL2Link plugin (11/17/2006)
· Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab now navigate the chat tabs like they should (11/17/2006)
· Fix for the first whisper not showing up (11/17/2006)
· Fix for the error createing / deleting / editing aliases (11/17/2006)
· Fix for clicking dont or using the exit menu on the Alias Lib (11/17/2006)
· Fix for player ID's always showing (11/17/2006)
· Patch to the url2link plugin by Naryt (11/17/2006)
· New Alias Lib is out, Read This for details (11/16/2006)
· Fix so you can save maps with fog again (11/16/2006)
· Fixed the chat defaulting to a white background (11/15/2006)
· Fixed a few Macro Node oddities (11/15/2006)
· Fixed the issues with the Drop Box Node {I hope} (11/13/2006)
· Splitter nodes can now have unlimited children so you dont have to split a spliter to get three nodes on the same line now, this also fixed the issue with one pane of the spliter being squished (11/13/2006)
· Removed the /purge and /lines commands (Read This for more Info) (11/12/2006)
· Made it so you can change the Background color of the map any time, (11/12/2006)
· Fixed the anoying thing where the white board would leave a chost line if you used the Delete all lines menu option (11/12/2006)
· LOTS of Debuging stuff added (11/12/2006)
· Added a Logging Level menu to the Tools Menu {If you have Debug check you may experiance slow downs} (11/11/2006)
· Fixed the ability to do function only dice rolls eg [step(#)] (11/11/2006)
· Fixed error reporting when there was no error in the player list (11/11/2006)
· Fix (I hope) for some map issues (11/11/2006)
· Fixed the Temp Aliases for the Alias Lib (11/10/2006)
· URL 2 Link plugin should no longer think some dice rolls are links {Patch by Naryt} (11/10/2006)
· Turned down the Logging level that may have been causing some slowdowns for some people (11/10/2006)
· Fixed a few map issues (11/10/2006)
· Did some code cleanup in the Alias Lib (11/10/2006)
· Quick fix for the Map changed I just did (11/09/2006)
· Fixed a bug that prevented you from removing persistant rooms via the server console (11/09/2006)
· Fixed a bug that would cause some Lines or Text not to be removed from the map (11/09/2006)
· Cleanup of the Mini and Whiteboard layers to fix some conflicts between 1.6.3 and 1.7.1 (11/09/2006)
· Fixed the SRD Auto Linker so that it will link Charm Monster and Charm Person insted of just Charm (11/09/2006)
· Fixed bug where you could not change the Mini URL (11/07/2006)
· Fixed bug that made the optional room password required (11/07/2006)
· Fixed bug that left a removed room in your room list until a new room was created (11/07/2006)
· Fixed bug with some of the chat tool bars (Dice, Color picker and a few others) (11/07/2006)
· Sorry for the huge update but I switched my Dev enviroment back to the HEAD branch of CVS which caused alot of files to change version numbers (11/04/2006)
· Fix for runequest roller (11/04/2006)
· Fix for Deleting Minis from the Mini Lib (11/04/2006)
· now has full debuging messages. (11/04/2006)
· Fixing the url2link plugin (11/03/2006)
· Fixing a few bugs in the SRD auto linker (11/03/2006)
· Fixed the Alias lib filter editor bug (11/03/2006)
· Adding some debug messages to (11/03/2006)
· Fixed it so the first tab is selected by default not the last (10/31/2006)
· Fixed the Regex overflow for the SRD plugin on Python 2.5 (10/31/2006)
· Fixed the hiding tabs when only one was present so it auto resizes the window (10/30/2006)
· Added a runequest roller by Slyfax (10/31/2006)
· Fixed bug where a looping sound would not loop on the client it was sent from (10/30/2006)
· Added the Text Properties menu back (10/30/2006)
· Bug fix for the gurps roller (By Naryt) (10/30/2006)
· Corrected misspelling of Gurps (10/29/2006)
· Made it so the Updater does not Bork when the Package List XML is missing or corrupt (10/29/2006)
· Fixed a typo in (10/29/2006)
· Changed the way the Node Referencing {eg !@SomeNode::SomeSubNode@!} got proccessed (Please check and make sure this works how you expect it to if you use this feature) (10/29/2006)
· Cleaned up the Tab Style Menu code (10/29/2006)
· Fixed the Chat Auto Complete functionality (10/25/2006)
· Fixed the system beep when sending text (10/25/2006)
· Fixed the bug that prevented looping sound from playing in the session they were sent from (10/25/2006)
· Fixed the bug that prevents the sound player working with wx2.6 (10/25/2006)
· Added a Sound Control Toolbar accessable from the Tools menu and dockable under the menubar (10/25/2006)
· Removed the PyMedia requirment (10/25/2006)
· Fixed (I hope) the bug that was causing Open to remain in memory after being closed (10/25/2006)
· Fixed the Alias tool (10/25/2006)
· Added the GVM plugin back in and made a few upgrades to it (10/25/2006)
· Added the /gvmq command the stops the spam when you are setting variables
· Added the /gvm[q] calc option. This will auto calculate the variable so you can do something like /gvm set Str=18 then /gvm calc StrMod=(($STR-10)/2) and your StrMod will be auto calculated for you to a number
· Added a Chat Settings menu option for the Chat setting that were just on or off (10/24/2006)
· Fixed the status tool bar, you can change views again (10/23/2006)
· Made it so if you have only a single Tab it will hide the tab panle (There is a bug right now that makes it so you have to update the style info to get it to shrink away) (10/22/2006)
· Made the style changes affect all tab windows not just the chat and map without restarting or closing and re opening them (10/22/2006)
· Added a settings syncer so that if there are missing settings from the default's to yours it will add them (10/22/2006)
· Fixed the ability to use the delete key to remove nodes from the gametree (10/22/2006)
· Made it so that emotes you send out are in your selected emaote color (10/22/2006)
· Added a new tab style system that is built into wx (10/22/2006)
· Made the mini Lib require you to hold down the shift key to select more then one mini at a time (10/22/2006)
· Added the ability to send Minis with no lable from the mini Lib (10/22/2006)
· Added the GRUPs roller by Naryt (10/21/2006)
· Made it so the server will reregister with the meta when there is more then 10 seconds left, I think this is the cause of alot of the drops on a system that has other intrnet trafic (10/21/2006)
· SRD Auto Linker will not accept s in addition to the phrase, if you want more options then that post them in the plugin request forum (10/21/2006)
· Made it so if you left click on the Chat window it sets focus back to the chat bar (10/21/2006)
· Added Right click menu to the chat window to copy the text as the ctrl+c wont work any more (10/21/2006)
· Changes for wx2.7, which is now recomended (10/20/2006)
· Changes so 1.7 can use the new Meta information when I get it up on the live meta. This will enable you to see all rooms on a server without having to connect to it (For 1.7.x servers only) and connect directly to a room bypassing the lobby if you wish. (10/19/2006)
· Fixed a bug where the map would sometimes go into an endless loop when switching maps (10/19/2006)
· Fixed the bug I added with the last whiteboard changes (10/19/2006)
· Added SRD Auto Linker plugin (10/18/2006)
· Added user home directory support for *nix platforms (10/18/2006)
· Fixed The background going black on png images (10/18/2006)
· Fixed The listbox not resizing the form like it should (10/18/2006)
· Fixed a bug where you couldnt change your name via the settings window without restarting Open (10/18/2006)
· Fixed vanishing Mini lables (10/18/2006)
· Fixed Whiteboard lines reverting to black (10/18/2006)
· If OpenRPG opens as a Gray window, please either delete your layout.xml file or the DockLayout section of it. (10/06/2006)
· Just some upgrades to the NotebookCtrl and PyAUI and a few other changes getting ready to support wx2.7 when it comes out (10/06/2006)
· Made the alias lib not retreate to the background if large amounts of text are sent though it (10/04/2006)
· Fixed the whisper button for the Alias Lib (10/04/2006)
· Fix (I hope) for the constant updating files (10/02/2006)
· Fix the Alias tool not closing when you clicked the Done button (10/02/2006)
· Added a 3.5 Character tool {add the file orpg->templates->templates.xml to your tree to get access to it}(10/02/2006)
· Fix for dnd3e tool that would crash Open(10/02/2006)
· Added some debuging code to figure out why some people are getting continuious update messages(09/29/2006)
· Made it so you do not need to restart Open after an update(09/29/2006)
· Added the inittool2.2.6 back in. it got droped some how(09/26/2006)
· fixed [Q1d20] to work as well as [q1d20](09/26/2006)
· Added an optional argument after the ? in a dice roll to specify the reason for the roll(09/26/2006)
· This is in the format [1d20+?{Some Text}]
· This will cause the {Some Text} too be in the title of the window asking you for the missing value, as a reminder to yourself what you should be entering
· Changed the update system to a patcher system.(09/21/2006)
· Fixed the map mesurement tool {Shift click and drag on the map}(09/10/2006)
· Made it so you can now load remote room messages See this post(08/30/2006)
· Fixed the Miniatures List Dialog edit window.(08/25/2006)
· Alias and filters will now update properly when you add or delete an alias/filter(08/24/2006)
· You no longer have to reboot open to change the chat color.(08/24/2006)
· Fixed a bug with Multi line rolls and multiple rolls of the same type being done at the same time(07/18/2006)
· Added the d20, wod, and sr4 rollers to the new system, Test them please(07/14/2006)
· Made the old roller replace the ? like it used to(07/13/2006)
· Fix for the new roller / old roller hybrid system(07/13/2006)
· Just puting the new dice system out for people to test. By default the old system is active, you can change this in the setting->General->System tab(07/13/2006)
· Made GSC not modify the typing status(07/13/2006)
· Fixed the Gametree loading the tree twice on startup(07/04/2006)
· Made spliter nodes play with forms a little better(07/04/2006)
· Upgraded the sr4 dice roller(07/04/2006)
· Upgraded to Init tool 2.2.6(07/04/2006)
· Added the /editnote command to the Quick Notes plugin(07/04/2006)
· Your custom LobbyMessage.html file should no longer be over writen(06/28/2006)
· Minor fix to the Hero dice roller(06/28/2006)
· Fixed plugin proccessing(06/27/2006)
· Few more tweeks for Linux users(06/24/2006)
· Fix for the Windows Menu on Linux(06/23/2006)
· Fixed a few graphical bugs with the new docking interface(06/23/2006)
· Layout saving works without breakiing every other window now(06/23/2006)
· Well it seems the layout manager that reloads your window positions breaks any windows that it is not managing so I am disabaling that for now(06/22/2006)
· Dockable Interface /cheer check out The WIKI for details(06/22/2006)
· Fixed the missing scroll bars in form nodes(06/21/2006)
· Fixed the layout of the chat textview window(06/18/2006)
· Fixed the chat macro node(06/16/2006)
· Fixed bug that was preventing some maps from being rendered properly(06/14/2006)
· Made it so the size you specify for a form is the size it opens when you use it, unless it is a child of a tabber(06/14/2006)
· Fixed a bug so you can open the chat text view window again(06/14/2006)
· Fixed a bug in the GSC plugin so it works again(06/14/2006)
· Fixed the web images node(06/12/2006)
· Fixed a few bugs in the GUI server(06/12/2006)
· Fixed a few EVT_MENU's that did not get transfered to the new version that broke mini menus(06/12/2006)
· Fix for the plugin messaging system(06/12/2006)
· Fixed a few more bugs that sliped though the cracks when I rewrote 12k lines of code(06/09/2006)
· Made the inventory panel of the dnd3e character tool more usefull(06/09/2006)
· Fix a few bugs in the fox code related to the coding style changes(06/09/2006)
· Few more bug fixes for the big coding style change over(06/09/2006)
· Made it so if a mini is hidden only a GM can interact with it(06/09/2006)
· Finaly finished the last MAJOR step in converting to proper wxPython coding style(06/09/2006)
· Fix for mini properties dialog(06/07/2006)
· Fix for /close command(06/07/2006)
· Fix for the map properties dialog(06/07/2006)
· Added a max message size limitation for the lobby that is configurable by the server admin.(06/01/2006)
· Changed the default port back to 6774, forgot to change it back after I was testing(05/31/2006)
· Fix for splitter nodes that were inside form or tabber nodes(05/29/2006)
· Added the ability to play mp3, wav, and oog files on all platforms. To play any audio besides wav files you will need to download PyMedia(05/29/2006)
· Fix for a few node problems when using childless tabber or form nodes(05/29/2006)
· Fix for Tab nodes(05/29/2006)
· Fix for Mini locking only working for the person who locked it.(05/28/2006)
· Fix for the Mini label not going to blank for other people already in the room.(05/28/2006)
· Fix for the ctrl-tab not switching chat tabs. This also no auto focuses the chat bar(05/28/2006)
· Added the ability to play wav files that are hosted on the internet on all clients in a room(05/28/2006)
· Fixed the Ctrl-1 to 5 hotkeys for the map tabs(05/28/2006)
· Made the Tab look and feel a setting(05/28/2006)
· Player ID's now show up properly if they are using aliases(05/24/2006)
· Fix for the List Node bugs(05/22/2006)
· Fix for an Alias Node bug(05/22/2006)
· Fix for the Gm tab icon defaulting to new whisper(05/22/2006)
· Fix for the hidden dice plugin and emotes(05/22/2006)
· Two bug fixes, one for the new emote whisper message and the 2nd so you dont send messages as Use Real Name when you want to send messages as your real name(05/17/2006)
· FIX for the "Whiteboard error: Deletion of unknown whiteboard object attempted." bug(05/17/2006)
· Added a new chat message type so that you can send emotes though whispers. This only works for whisper tabs (Sorry if you dont use them)(05/17/2006)
· Created a setting for the Password Manager to Auto Start(05/13/2006)
· Sorry about the dnd3e tool mix up, My experimental non functional version got out by accident.(05/13/2006)
· Added a Quick Notes plugin(05/11/2006)
· Fix for the startup plugin DB if you had the unicode version of Python installed(05/09/2006)
· Made Splitter nodes capable of spliting horizontaly or virticly(05/09/2006)
· Begining of some memory improvments for the Gametree(05/09/2006)
· Made it so the whisper tabs are no all the same size anymore.(04/22/2006)
· Fix for the chat window "bounce" effect some people were seeing(04/22/2006)
· Added the Hidden Dice Plugin(04/21/2006)
· Fixed mini hiding so it works even for people who enter the room after a mini has been hidden(04/21/2006)
· Fixed a bug with the GUI server's splash screen(04/21/2006)
· Readded Mini hiding, and encorperated the patch that makes the GM still able to see the hidden mini's(04/15/2006)
· Added the Multi Mini Patch that lets you add multiple mini's from the minilib all at once.(04/15/2006)
· Fixed a bug reguarding booting players(04/01/2006)
· Fixed the multi whisper tabs bug(03/31/2006)
· Added even more debuging code for Mac's (03/04/2006)
· Fixed and issue with the settings, there was a missing method get_setting_keys(03/03/2006)
· Removed a call to wxRegion().IsEmpty() that may have been causing the Mac Bus Error. If not it will allow the proccess to continue to more debuging statments in any case.(03/03/2006
· Fixed the scroll issue for the chat window on Windows platform(03/03/2006)
· More debugging code added to the Mac since it was failing after the first one before(03/02/2006)
· Fixed for map bug reguarding line width on the whiteboard(03/01/2006)
· Added some debuging to the fog layer that will kickin on OSX so I can track down the Bus Error. Please post the entire contents of the debug output Here(03/01/2006)
· Fixed a bug on the mac that reported an invalid image when changing tabs(03/01/2006)
· Fixed a bug in the list box that prevented you from adding a send button(02/28/2006)
· Fixed cloning nodes(02/27/2006)
· Fixed sending nodes to players(02/26/2006)
· Fixed the chatwindow scrolling to the top when you resized it(02/26/2006)
· Fixed the whiteboard not sending updates properly(02/26/2006)
· Changed the tab icon for new messages to the player.gif. This should make it slightly more noticable(02/25/2006)
· Fixed a bug that prevented you from changing your chat color's(02/25/2006)
· Fixed a typo that was causing errors statments to be sent to the consol(02/24/2006)
· Added purdy tabs to the map as well(02/20/2006)
· Posible bug fix for OSX Bus Error(02/19/2006)
· Made it so you should no longer have to restart Open when you make changes to the settings(02/18/2006)
· Enhancment of the chat window. and settings window(02/18/2006)
· Fixed an crash on OSX due to a miss sized img(02/18/2006)
· Minor fix to the GSC plugin(02/18/2006)
· Inclution of the Init Tool 2.2(02/18/2006)
· Fixed a bug where Open would not update properly on Linux if you did not launch the application from the openrpg directory(02/18/2006)
· Fixed a bug if you tried to open blank forms in a tabber(02/17/2006)
· Removed an anoying print statment that happened if you used the namesound plugin(01/29/2006)
· Fixed a bug that caused the Game Server Window to not close in *nix(01/22/2006)
· Fixed an anoying message that was being sent to the server. Still no word on when I will get namesound to stop reporting errors(01/21/2006)
· Fixed a bug that caused a few plugins commands to not work(01/21/2006)
· Made it so the settings window auto sizes on *nix(01/21/2006)
· Fixed a bug in several of the nodehandlers that was preventing sections of them working.(01/21/2006)
· Fixed a bug in the dnd3e char sheet that was preventing it from opening(01/20/2006)
· The mouse wheel will now scroll that chat window if you click in the chat window(01/17/2006)
· You can now copy text out of the chat window(01/17/2006)
· Updated the version of Python and wxPython that is required to run Open(01/17/2006)
· Made it so the settings window will always open in the center of the screen insted of a random position(01/16/2006)
· Fixed a bug that prevented plugins from being able to save thier settings changes if you closed Open without disabaling the plugin first(01/16/2006)
· Fixed a bug in the URLtoLink plugin (01/15/2006)
· Fixed a bug in the Spelling plugin (01/15/2006)
· Changed the Spelling plugin to use the plugin db and added a slash command to the plugin (01/15/2006)
· Modified the plugindb slightly to allow slightly more freedom for naming of dict keys(01/15/2006)

Last updated on March 10th, 2007

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