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Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a computer game set in a huge medieval fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons.





Neverwinter Nights (NWN) is a computer game set in a huge medieval fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons. Neverwinter Nights puts you at the center of an epic tale of faith, war, and betrayal.

As a player, you are able to choose what skills and abilities you will develop as you voyage though the complex and dangerous fantasy world of Forgotten Realms. Be a deadly and dangerous Rogue moving through the shadows using stealth and secrecy, be a scholarly Wizard and wield powerful magic against your enemies, be a hulking Barbarian whose lust for battle is matched only by his terrible rage, be an armor-clad Paladin who protects the innocent and vanquishes his foes, be a crusading Cleric who heals the sick and defends the helpless... be all this and more.

Neverwinter Nights allows you to create your own worlds. This revolutionary game will come with all the tools needed to construct your own unique lands of adventure. The Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset allows even novice users to construct everything from a quiet, misty forest or a dripping cavern of foul evil, to a king's court. All the monsters, items, set pieces and settings are there for world builders to use. But do not stop there; construct traps, encounters, custom monsters and magic items to make your adventure unique.

But the Neverwinter experience is not just for one person- adventure with all your friends. Neverwinter Nights can be played online with up to 64 friends, all sharing in the adventure. You can organize and run your own adventures through the role of the Dungeon Master and control all the monsters, creatures and characters your friends meet as they journey on their quest. A powerful piece of software that is included with Neverwinter Nights, the DM Client, allows nearly unlimited control for running your own adventures for your friends.

Neverwinter Nights...endless adventure!

Important Notes Before You Begin

There are 2 things you will need in order to use Neverwinter Nights Linux Client, aside from downloading the Linux Client binaries:

The game resources
A CD-Key

1. Game Resources: You will need to get the Neverwinter Nights game resouces from one of these locations:

from an existing Windows installation of the 1.29 build of Neverwinter Nights (instructions below)


from an installation of the Neverwinter Nights Gold Edition (instructions below)


from a mirror site hosting the Neverwinter Nights v1.29 Linux Client resources (instructions below)

2. CD-Key: You will have to purchase a copy of the game to get a valid Neverwinter Nights CD-Key. Of course, with this purchase you also get a lovely Neverwinter Nights mapkin, a spiral-bound game manual, and three plastic-coated aluminum-reinforced W1nd0z3 brand coasters.

What's New in This Release:

· New Purple Dragon Knight Prestige Class

8 New Tilesets:
· Barrows Interior
· Castle Exterior, Rural
· Castle Interior 2
· City Interior 2
· Fort Interior
· Sea Caves (a hak pack is no longer required)
· Steamworks
· Tropical (a hak pack is no longer required)

· 15 New Music Tracks:
· 14 New Ambient Sounds

New Creatures (over 100 new appearances):
· Caladnei (NPC)
· Cobra (Regular, Black and Gold)
· Curst Swordsman
· Gem Golems (Diamond, Emerald and Ruby)
· G'Zhorb the All seeing Eye
· Halaster
· Harat, Lord of Darkness (Large and Small)
· Horses (63 Different variants, plus mounted Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Halflings, Gnomes, Half-Orcs and Dwarves)
· Lord Antoine Baccha, Visier de Guise (NPC)
· Maggris, the Hive Mother
· Masterius (Regular, Disguised and Powerful)
· Mist Dragon
· Nightmare (Regular, Saddled and Armored)
· Ogre Chieftain
· Purple Dragon Knight Archer (Female and Male)
· Purple Dragon Knight Blade (Female and Male)
· Satyr (Regular, Archer and Warrior)
· Wereboar
· Widow Hagatha
· Wyvern (Great, Adult, Juvenile and Young)

New Placeables (nearly 350)

New Doors ( 15 Generic Doors + 71 Tileset Specific Doors)

New Visual Effects (over 100)
· Glowing eye colors (White, Blue, Cyan, Purple, Orange and Yellow).
· Purple Dragon Knight feat visual effects.
· Lance shattering visual effects.
· Arrow visual effects.

New Armor Part Appearances (lots).

New Weapon Part Appearances.
· Gem parts used for the new "Gem Golem" weapons.

New Item
· Portable Encampment

ini file setting additions/changes
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file settings, so that red/green color blind users don't get killed by traps unexpectedly.
· FriendlyColor=0,255,0
· HostileColor=255,0,0
· Added ability to turn off visible cloaks in the nwnplayer.ini file (set to 1 to enable cloaks, 0 for no visible cloaks).
· Visible Cloaks=1
· Added in-game text swear filter nwnplayer.ini setting (set to 1 to enable, only supports English).
· In-game Text Swear Filter=0
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to always roll maximum hit points at level up for players (defaults to off).
· Max Hit Points=1
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to not display the hit points rolled on the level up summary gui (defaults to off).
· Hide Hit Points Gained=0
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to restore the remaining spell uses from the character file on log in to a "server vault" server. This option defaults to off.
· Restore Spell Uses On Login=0
· Added new nwn.ini file setting to set how far into the distance grass should be rendered (default value 900.0, valid values range from 900.0 to 30000.0). Increasing this value will cause more grass to be rendered in outdoor grassy areas, but will also reduce game performance in these areas.
· Grass Far Render Distance=900.0
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to toggle on/off the file logging of creature deaths.
· Death Logging=0
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to reset the encounter level spawned by an encounter trigger every time that it spawns creatures. If this option is turned on, the encounter trigger will always spawn creatures based on the triggering player's level rather than potentially using left over spawned creature from an early triggering that was initiated by a much higher level player.
· Always Reset Encounter Spawns=0
· Updated Get2DAString() scripting command 2da caching code to cache a number of 2das specified in an ini setting.
· 2DA Cache Size=10
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to log each script as it executes (defaults to off). Enabling this will degrade game performance. It should only be used for script debugging purposes (i.e. when you have a bad script that causes your module to lock up, checking the log file will let you know the last script that executed).
· Enable Logging=1
· Added new nwnplayer.ini file setting to obtain script profiling data in the log file (defaults to off). Enabling this will degrade game performance. It should only be used to determine which scripts you need to optimize to improve the performance of your module. Note: "Enable Logging" should be turned off when profiling is enabled.
· Enable Profiling=1
· Added new option to the nwtoolset.ini file to set the toolset CPU affinity on multi-core computers. If you have more than one CPU on your PC, then you can use this setting to make the toolset run on only one of the CPUs by specifying the number of the CPU (0-31). Setting "CPU Affinity=-1" will turn off CPU affinity (default 0).
· "CPU Affinity".
· The nwnplayer.ini setting for "Client CPU Affinity" now defaults to 0 (a setting of -1 will be converted to 0). If you need to disable this feature set the value to -2.
· Feat Prerequisite changes (these may make some existing characters invalid in multiplayer games)
· The Epic Dodge feat now requires 30 ranks of Tumble skill as a prerequisite, as per the description (feat.2da).
· The "Dragon Shape" feat now requires Wild Shape 6x/day as per the description (feats.2da).
· Fixed prerequisite for "Epic Weapon Focus Club" to be "Weapon Focus Club" rather than "Improved Critical Club" (feat.2da).
· Weapon Specialization Club now requires four fighter levels to obtain (rather than one).

General Fixes:
· Fixed issue with videos not displaying under Windows Vista.
· The game will now prompt to elevate to administrator privaleges under Windows Vista.
· Fixed issue with corrupted textures on newer Nvidia cards.
· Colorized the cloaks in the official campaigns (they are no longer all tan colored).
· Added missing Trident weapon feats.
· Tridents are now classified as a "Martial" weapon, rather than a simple weapon.
· Fixed how Damage Resistance works against weapons that do more than one type of damage (i.e. Morning Stars and Halberds). The target now uses the worst of the multiple damage resistances against weapons that inflict more than one base weapon damage type.
· Fixes to Whirlwind/Improved Whirlwind/Great Cleave so that all the attacks are done at the player's full BAB.
· The Defensive Roll feat now works 1/day as per the description.
· Fixed the caster level being used for Holy Avengers (it is now always set to 10 as it is cast from an item, rather than using the player's paladin caster level).
· Updated Weapon Finesse to work with all Creature Weapons regardless of the creature's size.
· Made some minor game optimizations.
· Fixed some issues that could be used to intentionally crash a server.
· Fixed client crash that seemed to be related to other players coming out of stealth.
· Fixed issue where your henchman/associates could sometimes overlap the position of your character.
· The "Rapid Reload" feat now gives you the proper number of extra attacks.
· Fixed an issue with the deflection bonus being added in twice when determining a touch attack.
· Fixed Bandoleers on hobgoblins.
· Fixed an issue with VFXs not attaching correctly to zombies/mummies.
· Fixed issue with Item Weights being wrong for extremely heavy items (such as the Tower Shield).
· - Screenshots are now prefixed with the module name (set in the Module properties in the toolset) rather than "NWN". Screenshots are also now placed in the screenshots subdirectory.
· Changed "Black Blade of Disaster" feats from "Longsword" to "Greatsword"
· Changed "Brewed Potions" so that they now behave like normal potions (i.e. when used they play the drinking animation, can be dropped on henchman, etc).
· Fixed issue with "Improved Expertise" mode not being correctly displayed in the combat log for "special" attacks.
· Fixed issue with resting not getting canceled correctly if a member of your party started attacking something during your rest period (the OnPlayerRest event is now properly called in this situation).
· Made some changes that will hopefully address area loading crashes related to "shiny water" being enabled in watery areas of the official campaign.
· Fixed issue with the DM "Send Exit Event" radial command when used on generic triggers. The DM object wasn't being set correctly as the exiting object causing scripting calls to GetExitingObject() to not work correctly.
· Fixed attack bonus granted when attacking stunned creatures.
· Fixed AC Increase vs Damage Type item property to work correctly.
· Fixed some memory leaks.
· Fixed some exploits.

Spell/Feat description and other text changes:
· Updated description for "Elemental Swarm" to reflect that the elementals are 21HD.
· Updated the Badger animal companion Rage description.
· Updated the Hawk animal companion description list the correct feats.
· Updated the Panther animal companion description to list the correct skills/feats.
· Updated the Panther familiar description to list the correct feats.
· Updated the Spider animal companion description to include the hide skill.
· Updated the description of "Bard Song" to correctly reflect the required Perform skill at level 16.
· Updated the "Enchant Arrow" description to better reflect how it is implemented.
· Updated description for "Imbue Arrow" feat to better reflect how it behaves.
· Updated description for "Resist Energy" to properly reflect the Fort Save Bonus required.
· Updated description for displacement spell. It was incorrectly listing a "Somatic" component.
· Updated the description for Keen Edge to clarify that it only works on "slashing melee" weapons.
· Updated the description for Clarity to display the proper duration "5 Rounds + 1 Round / Level" and it now correctly mentions that it removes Daze effects as well.
· Updated the description for "Undeaths's Eternal Foe" to include the +4 deflection bonus to AC.
· Updated description for "Tenser's Transformation" to properly reflect the bonuses given by the spell.
· Updated description for "Shadow Shield" to properly reflect the immunities given by the spell.
· Updated description for "Black blade of disaster" so that the sword's enhancement bonus is correctly described.
· Updated description for "Mordenkainen's disjunction" to properly reflect how the dispel check is done.
· Updated description for "Deafening clang" to clarify that the bonuses will not stack.
· Updated description for "Holy sword" to include all the benefits of the weapon.
· Updated description for "Nature's Balance" to properly reflect the damage healed.
· Updated description for "Hammer of the Gods" to properly relect the effects of a successful Will save.
· Fixed many spelling errors and typos in the official campaign.

Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset:
· Newly created modules will now have the OnClientEnter script set to "x3_mod_def_enter" by default. This script is used to give pre-existing characters horse related feats, so that they can use horses.
· Fixed issue with non-human cloaks not displaying properly on NPCs in the toolset.
· Fixed issue with textures not displaying correctly in the toolset for community made creatures that use a phenotype of 10 or greater.
· Added new generic horse dismount triggers to toolset palette.
· Fixed incorrect tails on Lizardmen templates.
· Fixed the alignment on some of the Slaadi in the toolset palette.
· Mephits in the toolset palette are now the correct neutral alignment.
· Fixed incorrect alignment on Duergar Clerics.
· Fixed incorrect sound sets on Duergar Priestess.
· Fixed issue with padded lines in the classes.2da displaying as "Bad Strref" in the toolset creature wizard and levelup wizard.
· Fixed issue with the Snowy Rural and Rural caravan loadscreens displaying the desert image instead (they will now also appear under the tileset filtered lists).
· Made default equipment on Troglodyte Warrior non-droppable.
· Fixed some environment mapping issues for Wings/Tails.
· Fixed a scaling issue for Wings/Tails.
· Fixed incorrect portrait on Rope placeable.

· Added a new Module "OnPlayerChat" event.
· Added new scripting commands:
object GetPCChatSpeaker();
string GetPCChatMessage();
int GetPCChatVolume();
void SetPCChatMessage(string sNewChatMessage="");
void SetPCChatVolume(int nTalkVolume=TALKVOLUME_TALK);
string GetDescription(object oObject, int bOriginalDescription=FALSE, int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
void SetDescription(object oObject, string sNewDescription="", int bIdentifiedDescription=TRUE);
int GetColor(object oObject, int nColorChannel);
void SetColor(object oObject, int nColorChannel, int nColorValue);
itemproperty ItemPropertyMaterial(int nMaterialType);
itemproperty ItemPropertyQuality(int nQuality);
itemproperty ItemPropertyAdditional(int nAdditionalProperty);
· Added a new starting position parameter to the FindSubString scripting command: int FindSubString(string sString, string sSubString, int nStart=0);
· Added extra parameter to scripting command: void AdjustAlignment(object oSubject, int nAlignment, int nShift, int bAllPartyMembers=TRUE);
· Added new constant VFX_BEAM_DISINTEGRATE for use with EffectBeam()
· Increased the limit on the SetPhenoType() scripting command to 99.
· Made CopyItemAndModify() scripting command work with both the old and new cloak systems.
· Fixed issue with the scripting command SetCreatureAppearance() not restoring players to PC movement speed when restoring the character back to one of the playable races.
· Evard's Black Tentacles now applies the damage per tentacle, rather than all tentacle damage being applied at one (nw_s0_evardsa.nss and nw_s0_evardsc.ncs).
· The Arcane Archer special abilities Imbue Arrow, Seeker Arrow, Hail of Arrows and Death Arrow now take into consideration the Epic Weapon Specialization feat (x0_i0_spells.nss)
· Fixed Isacc's Missile Storm Projectile Traps to work again (x0_i0_spells.nss).
· Fixed damage calculation for Eyeball familiar rays (x1_s1_eyebray.nss).
· "Tymora's Smile" now works properly based on Harper levels (x0_s2_HarpSmile.nss).
· Negative Energy Burst is now properly capped at +20 damage based on caster level (nw_s0_negburst.nss)
· Blade Barrier now properly respects the Evasion and Improved Evasion feats(nw_s0_bladebara.nss, nw_s0_bladebarc.nss)
· Fixed hit points healed/damaged for the empowered "Healing Circle" spell(nw_s0_healcirc.nss).
· Cursed song no longer affects silenced creatures (X2_S2_CurseSong.nss) and the bonuses for level 11 are now granted at level 11 (rather than level 12).
· Changed the "Undeaths's Eternal Foe" AC bonus from a dodge bonus to a deflection bonus (x0_s0_udetfoe.nss).
· Fixed SR calculation in "Nature's Balance" when it affects more than one creature (NW_S0_NatureBal.NSS).
· Fixed dye script to work on the last color available (x2_s2_dyearmor.nss)
· Fixed missing concealment bonus on the Shadowdancer's Epic Shadowlord (x2_ch_summon_sld.nss).
· Negative Energy Traps no longer harm undead (nw_t1_negavgc.nss, nw_t1_negstrc.nss, nw_t1_negdeadc.nss, nw_t1_negminc.nss).
· Fixed duration calculation on Gaze and Howl fear effects (nw_s1_gazefear.nss, nw_s1_howlfear.nss)
· Fixed Gust of Wind to only disperse cloudlike area of effect spells (x0_s0_gustwind.nss).
· Added a horse scripting system for builders that want to use horses in their modules. View the x3_inc_horse script in the toolset for more information.
· Tridents and Magic staves are now considered melee weapons by the scripting command GetMeleeWeapon() (x2_i0_spells). If you have used this scripting command in your own custom module, you will need to recompile your scripts to take advantage of this change.

2DA Changes:
· Amplify now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
· The spell War Cry now requires a somatic component as per the spell description (spells.2da).
· Greater Sanctuary now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
· Balagarn's Iron Horn now requires a somatic component, as per the spell description (spells.2da).
· Clarity/Scare/Lesser Dispel can now be cast as a stilled spell (spells.2da Meta Magic column updated).
· Greater Restoration can no longer be selected as an Extended Spell, as its duration is instantaneous (spells.2da).
· Removed reference to non-existent script NW_S0_MindFogC from VFX_Persistent.2da.
· Fixed row numbering in IPRP_SPELLCOST.2DA (there were duplicate rows numbered 199).
· Fixed the spell range for "Shadow Conjuration Darkness" (spells.2da).
· Fixed broken "Minotaur, Zor" sound set (soundset.2da).
· Fixed issue with clubs not playing the hit sound against creatures wearing medium armor (weaponsounds.2da).
· Fixed icon for "Ethereal Visage" scrolls (iprp_spells.2da).
· Fixed weight of two-bladed swords (baseitems.2da).
· Fixed environment mapping on the bone golem (appearance.2da).
· Fixed RacialType entries for elementals in the polymorph.2da
· Adding missing feat FEAT_EPIC_WEAPON_SPECIALIZATION_DWAXE to cls_feat_divcha.2da
· Fixed missing underscore in categories.2da.
· Fixed category entries for FEAT_EPIC_ARMOR_SKIN and FEAT_EPIC_SPELL_MAGE_ARMOUR (feat.2da).
· Fixed issue with Champions of Torm not being able to take Ambidexterity and Two Weapon Fighting as Bonus Feats (CLS_FEAT_DIVCHA.2da).

Custom Content:
· Upped maximum number of tilesets allowed to 100
· Load screen row indexes past row 255 will now working properly in the game.
· The Read/Drink/Meditate/Worship/Sit/Fall Backwards/Fall Forwards radial menu icons no longer all use the ir_nod.tga (so that the community can properly override the images with custom content).
· Increased the allowable rows in the WingType.2da, TailType.2da and GenericDoors.2da from 255 to a much larger value (i.e. around 4 billion).
· Added new renderaabb and rendertilepathnodes DebugMode console commands to aid with building tilesets.
· Added support for 10 new custom animations (plus a new mount and dismount).

Special Information with regards to some of the new content:
Barrows Interior Tileset:
· The white patches in the "Final 7x7" group are there to help you position the "Pillar #, "Barrows" placeables from the "Placeable->Miscellaneous Interior" standard palette.
· You can turn this off by unchecking "Animation Loop 1" in the tile properties for the placed tile group).
To create a mounted NPC in the tooolset you need to do the following
· Change the NPC's appearance to "Human mounted, Male" (or choose another race/gender that you desire). Set the PhenoType to "Normal Mounted" (or Large for larger human phenotypes). Click on the Appearance tab and from the "Tail" pull down menu select the type of horse that you desire.
· Changing the NPC's Phenotype to one of the "Jousting Mounted" settings will cause the NPC horse to use Jousting animations in game, rather than the normal horse combat animations.
Last updated on July 18th, 2008
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