Monster 2 2.0

Nostalgic SNES style RPG

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What's new in Monster 2 1.0:

  • Added a -debug command line parameter to show some debug output. Fix large resource wastage (20MB in a mini game). Fix music fading in Golem battle. Make Ice2 spell more appealing. Upgrade to Allegro 4.9.11 with patches, remove old patch and add 4.9.11 patch. Fix a potential bug in fade/transition effects. Give OS X quickdraw version an icon (alpha still not 100% correct). Made editor compile again. Free font memory at end of game. Stop ambient sound at title menu. Fix some warnings from gcc 3. Support building OpenGL version with MSVC. Add music/sfx volume up/down keys in game. Made music volume slider in config work. Changed "saved anywhere" key to simply 's'. Fixed bug in save anywhere feature. Fixed memory leaks in game and Allegro shared libraries. Fix some invalid memory accesses. Fix up code to compile with MSVC. Fix bug in fortress, where staff was trying to be removed from inventory when it couldn't possibly be there. Be responsible for event queues in TGUI. Added brief key description to README.txt
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Trent Gamblin
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Monster 2Monster 2Monster 2
Monster 2, the latest edition in the series, is a nostalgic trip back to the days of the epic SNES RPG-like Final Fantasy and Breath of Fire games.

In the forest the staff lies
Untouched for years
Unseen by eyes
Until one day
When fate behold
The staff enslaved a mortal soul
Burning towns and taking lives
Bringing sorrow
Forcing cries
A girl shall seek a captive friend
To bring the evil to an end

The Monster series of RPGs are high quality open source role-playing games. Built from scratch with a focus on good story, unique gameplay features, and professional looking and sounding artwork and audio.

Last updated on November 5th, 2010

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