Life RPG 0.5 Alpha

An engine/framework that uses easily understood XML

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What's new in Life RPG 0.5 Alpha:

  • Implemented the basics for fighting.
  • Enhanced the story just a bit
  • Creatures can now be set to wander
  • Creatures can now be set to be hostile towards the player
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Life RPGLife RPGLife RPG
The Life RPG project aims to be an engine/framework that uses easily understood XML.

The basic concept is that by simplifying the XML scripting the game recognizes, it should be easy for anyone to create custom content (graphics and/or sound) and implement it within their own adventure. Basically, anyone could write an RPG of their own life!

Life RPG aims to use clear and strict XML files to load graphics, sound and even event scripting in such a way so that someone with little or no programming, audio or graphical experience could still have fun in playing an adventure that they made and then pass it onto friends or the community at large.

In order to make this as robust as possible, Life RPG only uses libraries which can be compiled and used on a variety of platforms. While currently only tested in Linux, both Windows and Mac versions will (hopefully) be included at some point.

A few notes:
Firstly, please note that I've had a problem with Guichan and it's implementation of SDL's unicode, so I had to write in a work-around for the guichan library. I'm not yet sure if the guichan developers are going to address it or not, but if they don't then I'll include the library with the game for future releases. Just note that the game may have weird key input for right now.

Also, this game/program is HEAVILY under development. It should work and run just fine for what it does now (although I have not yet done any extensive bug testing) but please read the readme/changelog/todo files in the downloads sections for information on what does and does not yet work (or what you should at least expect to work on any given release) If you are interested in helping out with this project, please feel free to contact me via either my e-mail or by going to my website, clicking on the 'About Me' page and using the form there.

Last updated on January 22nd, 2010


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