Kalyp 0.3.4-alpha

Kalyp is a roguelike game written in Java.

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Open Software License 
2.9/5 17
Markku Makela
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1 Kalyp Screenshot:
Kalyp project is a roguelike game written in Java.

Its design is based on traditions set by popular roguelike games, especially Nethack. It is single player and runs in a text terminal. The project focuses mostly on the Artificial Intelligence engine for the non-player characters.

Most of the game design will be done in scripting, as the core engine written in Java will handle user interface, rulesets, basic actions, and try to hold it all together.

What's New in This Release:

Dungeon entrances near mountain edges
Speaking with #chat
Aural events (sounds of fighting and doors)
Mines (dungeon generator, mine workers, pick-axes, gems...)
Kicking (CTRL-D)
Pathfinding rewritten to A* (A-Star) algorithm
Artificial Intl: opinions on matters (friend/enemy)
Random town generation basic wandering townfolk
Map generation features ("building blocks", for outdoors mostly)
Spell of ESP
Spells and simple known spells list, casting
Eating from the floor
Improvement to long distance moving
Long range weapons (bows and arrows)
Day and night time
Inventory selection filters by action type
Grammar redesign, *ngbandish name encoding and formatting
Hunger and starving to death, eating gives nutrition
Upheld spells, can act like attributes (haste rewritten)
Redesign: DirectionalSpells - casting asks for direction, not f.e. wands
Blinded and dark vision attributes
Redesign: DirectionalSpells - casting asks for direction, not f.e. wands
Blinded and dark vision attributes
Boots of speed
Spell and potion of haste
Character attributes and effects: hasted
Encumbrance and character size
CTRL-G displays game date and time (world clock)
CTRL-L refreshes screen
Bugfix: cannot drop cursed weapons/armor
Bugfix: keyboard control when an item requests for control during the game round
Lots of new armor types
Wand of striking
Fix: player name capitalized
Some monsters now leave corpses behind when they die
Monsters now leave carried items behind when they die
Design: spells are now located in game.spells package and are implemented as actions (design pattern)
Re-factoring: potion of healing uses HealingSpell
Wand of create monster
Wand items, (z)apping wands
Bugfix: named item creation doesn't allow multiple quantities of weapons, armor or rings
Bugfix: FloodFill.randomPoint() takes count of SpecialTiles
Special room generators
Secret doors, (s)earching

Last updated on January 5th, 2007

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