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Helherron is a fantasy RPG game for PC computers.





Helherron is a fantasy RPG game for PC computers.

The isle of Helherron is at chaos. Beloved King Krohl has been kidnapped. Nobody knows by whom, but the legends are wild. The villagers tell, still shaking in terror, that it was done by dark, winged man-like creatures that took off to the sky shrieking, with poor King Krolh with them.

And worse yet, the isles seem to be cursed somehow. It's hard to determine how, but you sure can feel it. It hangs in the air heavy, like a Shadow of Death, and you can see it shimmering bloody red in the horizon of the night sky.

The villagers tell that just lately, after King Krolh was kidnapped, their villages have been raided by grotesque cross-breeds between man and beast. Most apparently that is also due to the Curse placed over Helherron and it's sister isles. But the worst is yet to be told.

The Divine Sceptre, given to the people of Helherron by the Divine Cleric Order and crafted by the Creator itself, which was at King Krolh's possession, is now missing too. It was most apparently stolen at the same time King Krolh was kidnapped. Thus, the only hope for Helherron is to send a party of heroes to find the Divine Sceptre so that order and peace can be once again returned.
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