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Gang-star is somewhat like the drugwars game but with much more functionality.





Gang-star is somewhat like the drugwars game but with much more functionality. You could see it as a text-based GTA game. Gang-star project is fully text-based and does not have any dependencies. All you need for it to run is a C compiler.

The advantage of gang-star being text-based is that you can use your own imagination, compare it with reading a nice book over seeing a lame movie. You can play over 30 missions, have a gamble at the casino or the horse tracks, go to the nightclub to score some chicks, buy weapons and practice at the local shooting range, and much, much more.


Gang-star is a text-based game for the UNIX Operating System. You could see it as a text-based version of the infamous Grand Theft Auto game. At first glance you might think gang-star can be compared to the Drugwars game family but gang-star is far more advanced. The game is not about dealing drugs, the game is about the missions.

You start out in Gang-star city as a complete rookie. You have a little cash, no weapons, no nothing. The goal of the game is to become the biggest bad-ass in the city. To accomplish this goal you have to finish up to 30 missions. Next to this you can do a lot of other stuff, like playing the chicks in the nightclub, have a drink in the bar, play some games at the casino, gamble on horses at the racetracks, deal in weed, crack and speed, pimp hookers, and much, much more.

The game is not based on chance like a lot of games. What makes the game interesting is that your skills are upgraded the more you do it. The more shots you fire, the better your aim. The more respect you have, the easier you can hit on chicks, etc.

For a long time the UNIX Operating Sytem has lacked an expanded and fun game with no dependencies at all that would run on any system, but now it's here. Welcome to Gang-Star.


To configure, compile and install gang-star, type:

% ./configure
% make
# make install (logged in as root)

Some people don't seem to get it, so here's how to use gang-star locally, without root access (e.g. on a shell account):

% ./configure
% make
% cd src
% ./gang-star

'make' compiles the gang-star sources and installs a binary in the src/ directory. You change your current working directory to src/ and locally execute gang-star.
Last updated on January 18th, 2007
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