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0.15.1 / 0.16 RC1 GPL (GNU General Public License)    
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This is an extension/modification of the classical Freedroid engine into an RPG game for GNU/Linux

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Freedroid is an open source, cross-platform and freely distributed software project, that provides users with two entertaining and beautiful video games, FreedroidRPG and FreedroidClassic, that feature dialogs and actions.

FreedroidRPG is an isometric 3D role playing game

The FreedroidRPG component is the most popular one and aims to deliver an isometric 3D (three-dimensional) role-playing game (RPG) for all ages and genre, where the main action takes place on Earth, but in a distant future.

FreedroidClassic is a 2D arcade game

On the other hand, FreedroidClassic is a 2D (two-dimensional) arcade game, a modification of the classical Freedroid engine, in the style of the Paradroid video game. FreedroidClassic was later transformed into a veritable role-playing game (RPG) called FreedroidRPG.

Provides more than 12 hours of fun

FreedroidRPG is a fully playable game that provides more than 12 hours of fun, real-time action, into a role-playing game with rich dialogs, original music, and support for mainstream computer operating systems (see the last section of the review for details).

Tux is the main character

When compared with the original Freedroid game, we can notice that FreedroidRPG features Tux as the main character, uses isometric viewpoint, chatting and dialogs with friendly droids and humans, an automap feature, saving and loading of games, as well as many other attractive features.

Runs on GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac

Freedroid is a cross-platform software project that has been engineered to work on all GNU/Linux distributions, on various BSD flavors, including FreeBSD, as well as on the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

The game is available for download as a universal source package that can be installed on any Linux kernel-based operating system, but it’s also available on the main software repositories of various distributions. It runs on computers supporting either of the 32 or 64-bit CPU architectures.

Freedroid RPG was reviewed by Marius Nestor
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
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