Fearann Muin 0.2

Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game in a medieval fantasy world.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Fearann MuinFearann Muin
Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game in a medieval fantasy world.

Fearann Muin is an online role-playing game (MMORPG without the Massive part) with a medieval-fantasy setting and standard rule sets. It will try to be focused on community and roleplaying instead of other aspects.

Here are some key features of "Fearann Muin":

The setting of the game is Medieval Fantasy, similar to many other games (computer games or tabletop), but not copying exactly any system in particular. We plan to introduce non-standard creatures and environments more often as the development goes on.
The initial races for playable characters are Dwarves, Elves and Humans; we plan to add new races later. While this doesn't sound original it has some benefits, like people knowing the race traits, so they can start playing right away without pondering which race is the best suited to their taste (as it happens when all the races in a game are original, unknown to you).
The Rule Set is the standard for many games, with well-known classes, types of magic, spells, bonus and malus for each race, etc. We would prefer to not have some of the restrictions of the rule set (in example, we would prefer to have a class-less system); but as with the races, this allows us to work with a known standard that many people already know, so it's easier to learn for most people, and it's known to work (we chose to not make modifications at the moment, to not end up with an unbalanced, broken system).
We'll try to make of the environment a real, living world, when possible; with different behaviors for different creatures, the environment changing a bit with seasons, and so forth.

Community and Roleplay
People will be able to sell items or resources that they craft and harvest; and maybe also sell other services, like training people with lower levels of knowledge, or being paid by performing tasks. This will provide a full range of social relationships based on economy, that will make the players to directly affect the rest of the world with every action; as well as provide the means to get a complex society running.
There will be Player Guilds to allow people to form groups of friends or whatever interests they want; and there will be also some kind of Professional Guilds (the name is not decided yet, it might be even Universities or Schools) that will allow players to train and be part of that Institution, which will play a powerful role in the game.

PvP is restricted, it will be allowed in the form of Duels, where one player challenges another one, and this one decides whether to engage in combat or not. There might be some special areas (arenas) where this will be allowed without the player having to agree to fight, or maybe complete maps where PvP is unrestricted, we haven't decided that yet.
Fighting with creatures and NPCs is usually allowed (althought it might not always be a wise decision :) ), and we're designing it at the moment, probably it'll will be present in the next release.
Guild vs. Guild or similar advanced forms of combat are not yet planned, since we need a significant amount of things working before we get to that, and we have to learn from experience before being able to implement them. This doesn't mean that we don't want to have it, it's just that we're not ready to implement it in the next few releases yet.

Last updated on November 30th, 2006


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