DungeonX 2.1

DungeonX is an exciting, yet challenging game where your immediate goal is to survive and not get defeated.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
2.8/5 15
Daniil Kulchenko
ROOT \ Games \ RPG
DungeonX is a completely updated version of Dungeon, predecessor of the popular game Zork. DungeonX stands for Dungeon remiXed, wich is what happened to the project. DungeonX is an exciting stratery-based game.

Dungeon is a text-based game where your immediate goal is to come out alive and win. Zork (the sequel to Dungeon) was a very popular game several years ago. It is a very old game, but is still fun. How it works is that you are presented with a prompt. You can give commands to the game such as "move, put, jump, climb, eat, etc." and the game will perform the action if possible and give you the result. After the execution of such command, you are given the location where you are, some obstacles/hints about where you are and what to do, and are presented with a command prompt again.

Zork/Dungeon (hereafter called just Dungeon) is a very old game, dating back to the world's first computers in the 1970's. DungeonX was created December 16, 2007 to bring back this exciting game, optimized and modified for modern computers.

Last updated on January 1st, 2008

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