Deliantra Client 2.11

Deliantra Client offers an intuitive user interface for exploring the vast game world of the Deliantra game.
Deliantra Client
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Deliantra Client offers an intuitive user interface for exploring the vast game world, a persistent minimap, powerful macros and keymaps, dialog-based NPC interaction, and easy configuration for the skill, spell, and item system. Deliantra MORPG Client is based on Perl, SDL, and OpenGL for high performance on modern systems, and works on both Unix and Windows. Ports to other platforms should be very easy and are underway.


After downloading you need to make the binary executable like this:

chmod a x deliantra-gnu-linux-x86.bin

And start it like this (when deliantra-gnu-linux-x86.bin is in the current working directory):


x86_64/amd64 users might have luck with compatibility packages ia32-libs-gtk and, for nvidia, nvidia-glx-ia32 package.

After starting Deliantra, you should adjust your Video Mode in the Graphics tab, enter a Username and Password in the Login tab and press Register / Login. You must be able to connect to TCP Port 13327 on the host

To register a new account, simply chose a username that isn't used and follow the instructions given by the server in case the username already exists.

If you get stuck, it is always good to ask other players who are online. To chat, activate the Chat-3 tab in the Messages window and hit your Return key to activate the chat prompt, enter your message/question/greeting and hit Return to send it.

Main features:

  • Death is not permanent, and you can get back all lost stats and experience by playing a game in a special place named Nimbus. You are teleported there when you die and you have to play a game (currently minesweeper) to get out.
  • Friendly fire is disabled and playerkilling is also modified. You can only kill another player when you and the other player are hostile. To become hostile, you have to visit the church of Gorokh in Scorn and talk to the priest. To become peaceful again, visit the curch of Valriel and talk to its priest.
  • Invitation of other players to where you are is possible with the invite command. You have to solve the invitor quest (see below in maps) to be able to use the command.
  • You can follow other players with the follow command when you stand next to the player you want to follow.
  • Pet monsters and summoned creatures will not stand in the way of other party members, making it bearable to play with summoning skills in a party.
  • Map and graphics artists are working on improved graphics and new maps and quests.
  • Trade shops have been implemented which allows the player to trade items even when they are offline.

last updated on:
April 28th, 2010, 9:24 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Marc A. Lehmann
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Deliantra Client
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3 Screenshots
Deliantra ClientDeliantra Client
What's New in version 2.09
  • The fog of war and lighting transitions are now smooth.
  • The fog of war texture is customizable now.
  • A crash with bad user input in the "Host" field has been fixed.
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