Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk 0.5.0

Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk (CSNDR) is a 2D adventure game.
Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk
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Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk (CSNDR) is a 2D adventure game. Its code is based on the free and platform independent multimedia libraries SDL and OpenGL. It is written in C++.

At the moment CSNDR is still under heavy development. There are playable releases available, but they are mainly for testing purposes without any story elements.

Here are some key features of "Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Ronk":

· runs on GNU/Linux and MS Windows (probably also on other platforms like MacOS(X), *BSD, Solaris, (…))
· infinite extensible world
· based on tiles with a 12×16 grid
· new worlds can be created with a simple text editor
· new textures, characters and dialogues can be added without knowledge of the programming language
· can be completely modified (planned, needs some more work)
· hardware acceleration through OpenGL
· sound effects
· free software
· and many more


ESC quit
e use, talk, pick up
f toggle fullscreen
c toggle auto talk
v toggle auto pickup

a move left
d move right
s move down
w move up

left arrow move left
right arrow move right
up arrow move up
down arrow move down

i show inventory
page up scroll up
page down scroll down

b returns to last dialog choice
q quits dialog
any other key skips to next message

q quits dialog
1..4 selects dialog choice


· SDL_image
· SDL_mixer
· Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)

What's New in This Release:

· implemented locales. (almost) every text can be translated to other languages (game messages, error messages, dialogs, names of items and characters). this makes creating dialogs a little bit more complex, but I hope it's worth the effort
· implemented toggle delay also for fullscreen toggling. otherwise faster computers would switch more than once on a single key press
· quit dialog: any other key than ESC resumes game

last updated on:
January 8th, 2008, 9:31 GMT
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
developed by:
Alexander Heinlein
ROOT \ Games \ RPG
Choerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk
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3 Screenshots
Choerbaerts Suche nach dem RönkChoerbaerts Suche nach dem Rönk

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