CalcRogue Beta 6c

CalcRogue project is a Rogue-like for calculators, Palm, and PCs.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.6/5 16
Jim Babcock
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CalcRogue project is a Rogue-like for calculators, Palm, and PCs.

CalcRogue is based on the Unix game Rogue and those similar to it, collectively known as "roguelikes". They involve a character which can move around, attack monsters, collect magical items, maybe cast spells, and gain levels.

The dungeons are randomly generated, so the areas are always fresh, and the difficulty is such that it never gets too easy. (Note: CalcRogue is not derived from Rogue.)

Here are some key features of "CalcRogue":

Complex, randomly generated levels
Overworld map, towns, and quests
Spells and magically summoned minions
Easy to use interface with tutorial
Line of sight/lighting calculation
Four-color grayscale graphics
Complete inventory management system
Wide variety of magical scrolls, potions, wands, rings, amulets and spells
Missile combat with bows, crossbows or thrown potions
Compressed saved games
In-game help
Hidden traps and doors
Five different player classes
Varied monsters with special powers
Gold and shopping
High-score listing

What's New in This Release:

Finished the tower quest, for wizards and necromancers. No spoilers in this changelog, but it involves lots of cool stuff.
Checkpoint saves. A backup saved game is automatically made whenever you move to a new level, and restored if the game crashes.
Bug fixes
(PalmOS) Fixed a stack overflow in the bytecode interpretter which caused crashes all over the place.
(PalmOS) Fixed infinite prompt loop when running into a peaceful creature
Fixed missing exit from tower area
Fixed bug which could cause disconnected areas with the big-map generator
Monsters won't be generated in the wilderness area
Fixed bug that allowed duplicating items
It is no longer possible to throw equipped non-missile weapons
Balance changes to make the necromancer stronger

Last updated on January 8th, 2007

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