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An adventure role-playing game where you'll have to find your way through the 7 worlds.





Balazar is an adventure role-playing game where you'll have to find your way through the 7 worlds.

More than a thousand years ago, the three Gods that have created the world were became too powerful for the poor mortals. Then the Elves forged three magical scepters to control the Gods, and the Gods were imprisoned in the magical crystal of Arkanae.

This story have been telled in the first episode of Arkanae.

Though the secret of the Elven forgers has not been lost as time goes on. Today, monsters and powers are coming back. New scepters have been reforged, giving birth to new Gods. But who can find the scepters and imprison les Dieux in the Arkanae or free them for ever by dropping the scepters in the Abyss ? Who can judge the Gods ?

You'll have to find your way through the 7 worlds : the Echassian village, the Pompon forest, the great cathedral, the ice desert, the Arkanae citadel, the Abyss swamp and finally the Elven Forge, to find the scepters and to write a new destiny for the Universe !

7 gigantic worlds full of bloody monsters, vicious traps et and marvellous treasures!
a random map generator, for an infinite gaming!
incredible graphics thanks to the 3D engine Soya!
play in solo or multiplayer mode, or play on-line on, thanks to the network engine Tofu!

Balazar is a Free Software, available under the GNU GPL licence, coded in Python language and OpenGL. A great adventure game you should never miss!


- Python 2.3
- OpenGL
- OpenAL
- PyOgg and PyVorbis
- Glew
- Cal3D 0.10
- Twisted
- FreeType

The other dependencies are included in the 'Balazar-with-deps' package. A 3D hardware accelerator (with the corresponding 3D drivers) are highly recommended.

Anyone who want to participe to Balazar is welcome, in particular : Python coder, graphic designers, musicians, scenarists,...
Last updated on February 1st, 2009

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