Arachne 0.32

Arachne project is a Perl-driven adventure and RPG game.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
1.6/5 15
Greg Brown
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Arachne project is a Perl-driven adventure and RPG game.

Arachne is a RPG game written on top of the Shadowed Horizons framework. It aims to make it possible for novice programmers to learn as they go, and for more experienced programmers to contribute their experience to a versatile and interesting gaming concept.

It is currently being managed by the Shadowed Horizons development team, but is seeking new developers to maintain the day to day development operations. We are looking for individuals who would like to create their own game using our libraries and utilities to serve as the application framework.

Because we are writing a framework that will allow novice programmers to write a game of their own, we strongly encourage anyone who has the desire to work on this project to contact us. Experts may be more comfortable and also of more help if they work on our Shadowed Horizons framework project, but anyone is welcome to begin working on Arachne, which will showcase the creativity that can be acchieved through our powerful but intuitive gaming engine.

This game is currently in it's planning stages, but will be actively developed in the near future. The faster we gain assistance, the faster the project will become active. Nevertheless, we will eventually get it up and running, even without the addition of new developers, but that may take some time.

What's New in This Release:

Arachne has now developed a saner version numbering scheme.
Everything in was basically moved to to improve organization.
There are still lots of annoying warnings that Perl throws all the time.
Ugly/stupid things were changed.
Stupid and/or redundant stuff has been largely eliminated.
The character stat screens have been fixed up and now look a little bit nicer.
The code has been cleaned up a little but is still really kludgy

Last updated on January 6th, 2007

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