Annchienta 2.0.2

Annchienta is a free, single-player graphical 2D tile-based RPG.

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What's new in Annchienta 2.0.2:

  • Compilation issues on win32 fixed
  • Improved and re-written dialogues
  • Simplified battle system implementaion
  • Fixed party menu glitches
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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
3.9/5 15
Jasper Van der Jeugt
ROOT \ Games \ RPG
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Annchienta is a free, single-player graphical 2D tile-based RPG. The game takes place in an isometric fantasy world, where you battle to complete your epic and tragic quest. Explore the world, fight monsters and unravel the dark secrets of the past!

Annchienta runs under Linux, FreeBSD, Mac and Windows. You can download it right here and start playing. It is also recommended that you have a quick look on the game manual. You can read a short review as well. Enjoy playing Annchienta!


Annchienta basically uses six keys. The arrowkeys are used to navigate in menus, or walk in the world. The Z key is the "confirm" key in menus, ans X is the "cancel" key. In the field screen, Z can be used to interact with the world, and X to bring up the menu.

The game world

A healing crystalCrystals are objects commonly found in the game world. You can use them to recover, just interact with them. They will completely restore your health, it is recommended to save at these moments.

A message board A message board is an important item for an adventurer. On message boards, mostly found in towns, you can view tasks. Tasks are available subquests. Check these boards regularly, as their content changes as the story progresses. All message boards chare the same content, so it doesn't matter which specific board you read.

Basic Strategy

The battle system is very easy to learn, and when you know a few things, you will be able to get an advantage over your enemies.


This is a magical field in the world where the game takes place. It can be a friend, and it can be an enemy. Using the battle command "listen" (in the annchienta submenu), you get some information about Annchienta. Which type it supports, and how powerful it currently is. To make good use of it, try to strike with attacks of the type backed up by Annchienta. But be careful- the enemies also make use of Annchienta. And remember that Annchienta is constantly in motion, so it changes over time. It is said in old legends that there are even means to influence Annchienta...


A table describing type modifiers There are three types in the game, called pierce, magic and impact. Every attack has a type, and every character, including you. It is the key to victory to use these types to your advantage. Use piercing attacks against magical creatures, magical atacks against impact creatures, and impact attacks to piercing combatants. The type of your character is determined by the weapon you wear, so be careful in choosing your weapon- you don't want to end up with a impact warhammer against a magical creature.

Status effects

Status effects is a crucial element of the battle system as well. Status effects are negative changes in a combatant's state. They include poisoned, blinded, slowed... Status effects remain active until the battle ends, or until they are replaced by another status effect. However, you can try to cast "clean" (in the magic submenu) to remove them as well.

Poison is a harmful status effect that will reduce your health every time you use a regular attack. Moves such as cure and clean will not reduce your health when poisoned.

When you are blinded, you will have a harder time hitting the enemy. All impact- and pierce-type moves will be more likely to miss.

A slowed fighter will need a longer time to recover after acting. This is true for all actions, including clean and cure.

Frightened combatants are scared of the enemy, and sometimes, they will not be able to attack the enemy because of their fear.

Sometimes, a combatant can get injured. When injured, you will not be able to evade. This means all enemy attacks will hit you, even if they are blinded.


You obtain experience points by defeating enemies. You always have an experience goal, which can be viewed by going to the status menu, though the in-game menu. When you reach this goal, various stats increase. The increase in stats is determined by your weapon. If you reach the experience goal wearing a magical weapon, your magic will increase more than your other stats will.

Last updated on December 17th, 2008


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