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Aiee! is a text adventure engine.




Aiee! project is a text adventure engine.

Aiee! is a simple, easy-to-use text adventure ("interactive fiction" or "Infocom game") engine that uses XML-based adventure files.

Aiee! allows you to design and play text adventures, or "interactive fiction". Aiee! adventures are written in a simple XML-based format, without the need for any programming experience. Aiee! adventures can even include illustrations and sound.


Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 1.4 or later

Start the game:

Run ./

If you want to play in text mode, change the size of the window, or send logging to a file other than default.log, you can call Aiee! from the command line:

./ -?


java -jar aiee.jar -?

shows the command-line options (java must be in your path)

What's New in This Release:

Take all! Multiple direct objects are now supported by all commands where they make sense. "take dagger, armor, and torch" works, as does "drop all", and so on.
Improved text wrapping. You shouldn't have to manually format text anymore. You can still force newlines with n escapes.
Differentiated between "r" (ready/remove toggle), "ready", and "remove".
Encumbrance is listed in "inv".
Container contents don't count against your weight limit, only the container's weight does.
Fixed the bug where exits declared "visible" weren't being listed.
Adventure file list is now sorted for your convenience.
Fixed scoring. $(_scorebase) now contains the permanent score, not counting any items with tags, and $(_score) has the current score.
Fixed bug that made menus show up in uppercase but not take uppercase options.
Preparation for the GUI adventure generator; right now, the only visible result is if you use -dump to print out the adventure when it's loaded, it generates a valid XML adventure, identical to the input.
Last updated on January 8th, 2007

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