Adrian 2.0

Adrian project is a RPG using SDL and OpenGL.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Adrian Team
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Adrian project is a RPG using SDL and OpenGL.

Story Line:

Loacated In the deserts of Nevada, Area 51 the eternally mysterious facilities of the United States Army have been taken over by an evil scientist with the help of his genetically engineered creatures.

He plans to destroy the world using the the Intercontinental Balistic missiles (ICBMs) which have been lying unarmed in the desert since the end of cold war. He plans to arm these missiles and launch an attack on the world resulting in a Nuclear Holocaust.

The Area is heavily guarded, and attacks by air have been ruled out due to the State-of-the-art Anti Aircraft Battery.

The only hope of the world is Adrian. He has successfully completed many commando operations in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

As the Hero is dropped off, he gets the information that the ICBMs are being armed. The standard Arming and launch sequence takes some time. This is all the time Adrian has got to stop the ICBMs from lifting off from their silos. Once Launched, ICBMs cannot be recalled or destroyed.


1) Takes a lot of time to quit once the mission is sucessful.
2) The sound doensnt' work properly on some of the systems :(( we are not sure about the reason.. if any of you know about it... plz.. send us...

Last updated on January 5th, 2007


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