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grid is an universal griddler-triddler solver.




grid project is an universal griddler-triddler solver.

We offer to puzzler enthusiasts a computer program which solves the nonogram puzzles (griddler puzzles).

Here are some key features of "grid":

· It is simply compilable to arbitrary computer platform.
· The commented in detail source code is available.
· Program is time optimized. It belongs to the fastest griddler solvers.
· The documentation in Czech and in English is available.
· Program finds all solutions (if there are more solutions) or finds a conflict in the task.
· The program do solve:
· common back+white (two color) puzzles.
· colored puzzles (you can declare arbitrary colors).
· triangle puzzles by
· triangle puzzles by the journal Maľované krížovky, Silentium s.r.o, Bratislava.
· triddlers by, it means triangular grid with hexagonal circumference.
· The program offers:
· Output to graphical XPM file or more files.
· Printing solutions in character-like format on the terminal.
· Possibility of detailed output where you can read how the line solvers work.
· Printing the statistic about number of steps and line examinations (you can use it to estimate the difficulty of the task).
· Pause mode where you can trace the solution.
· Hint mode where program reads your partially solved puzzles and prints only the bugs of this solution.
· Hint mode where program show only next step from your partially solved puzzles.
· Batch mode -- more puzzles can be solved by one command line.
· Filter mode -- program behaves as a common UNIX filter.
· The program is available under GNU GPL license.

What's New in This Release:

· The new intensive line-solver implemented. This line-solver has only linear complexity instead of the old intensive line-solver with complexity comparable with the factorial of number of bloks.
· The -i option added (switch to use only intensive line-solver).
· The -lf and -of options added (redirect the log and/or solution output to file).
· The documentation upgraded. See new commnets about function intensive() in source code.
Last updated on January 2nd, 2007

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