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A free version of the classic game Kye





Xye is a new, free version of the classic game Kye which also extends the game adding more objects and gameplay options.

Xye is now possible to edit and make levels by knowing either the Xye level format or the kye level format.

The project is currently on beta state.

Reproduce Kye's gameplay

Although some gameplay factors won't be reproduced / will be modiffied the main idea is to do not lose the feeling of the game.

Xye can open and play .kye level files.

Kye2Xye exists so you can convert a .kye level file into .xye and be able to use the new features

Things that will change / have already changed:

- I decided to disallow diagonal movement. The only level I know that gets screwed by this decition is ADOORABLE one of the official Kye levels.
- The mouse control is way different and doesn't stop the time, unlike Kye.
Pressing keys does not boost the game clock speed, this is just a decorative change that does not affect gameplay too much. Ctrol can be used as a fast forward button for those moments when you need the game to speed up.
- Whenever Kye got into a blackhole, the blackhole didn't show up its animation/enter in busy state. This has changed in Kye
- In fact, the behaviour of black holes in Kye was kind of random / unpredictable, in Xye, though if something enters a black hole, the black hole will always show its animation and enter to busy mode.
- In Xye, pushing a round block towards another rounded object / wall will cause a behaviour similar to the one of rockies too. This is a major change that makes some of the kye levels easier. The reasons behind this change are: logic and practicity. It is really usefult for block based puzzles, Xye made block-based puzzles valid thanks to some of its additions. There is a limitation to the rule and it is that rockies (round arrow blocks) will not allow it to happen if they are pushed towards a direction that is not their active.
Last updated on August 16th, 2013

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