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XReverse software is an Othello clone.
XReverse software is an Othello clone.

XReverse is a simple clone of the popular game 'Othello' written in raw XLib, so if you've got X and the development headers/libraries you should be able to compile this under virtually any platform.

This has been coded fairly simply with a nice fast AI player.

Nonetheless the play can be extremely challenging at times!


You are always black, so you always go first.

Playing is a simple matter of clicking the mouse over the square you wish to occupy.

There are some keys which you may find helpful:

'h' to show hints.
'n' for new game - abondon current game.
'u' undo the last move.
'q' for quit the program.


The computer player will itereate over all the empty tiles on the board, and calculate a score determining how good that move is.

The 'fitness' function is basically a combination of the number of pieces which would be captured by that move, weighted by some strategic heuristics. (For example a corner piece is worth more than other pieces, as it can never be usurped).

Fit moves:


Unfit Moves:

Squares adjacent to corner pieces.

Edge pieces when there are and even number of pieces.


Simply type 'make' and the game should build.


If after playing you wish to keep the program become the superuser and run 'make install'. 'make uninstall' will remove the program.

(Note that this program cannot be run by root - just in case there is a security hole found in it).

last updated on:
September 25th, 2007, 21:07 GMT
developed by:
Steve Kemp
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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