Triple Game 0.15

A new idea for a card game where you have to identify triplets of associated cards

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What's new in Triple Game 0.15:

  • Just a small bug fix in the language file.
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GPL v3 
Ralf Hersel
ROOT \ Games \ Puzzle
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Triple GameTriple Game
Tiple is a card game for one person. In a grid of 15 or 12 cards you have to find three cards that belong together; this is called a 'triple'. A valid triple will be removed from the grid and replaced by three new cards until there are no cards left in the deck. The games aim is to find triples as fast as possible.

Cards differ by four properties: colour, filling, form and number. For each property there are three kinds, e.g. red, blue, green or rectangle, triangle, oval. A triple is valid when each property on each card is either different or the same. On this page: you will find some examples.

How to use the game

At the beginning a grid of 3x4 cards are randomly selected from a deck of 81 cards. In this grid of 12 cards you have to find a triple. Select a card by left-clicking on it will change the card's border to red. When three cards are selected they either stay red or turn to green borders. Green borders indicate a valid triple. If they stay red it's not a valid triple. By rigth-clicking you can de-select all cards. A left-click on a already selected card will de-select the card. When you select a fourth card the former three cards will be de-selected.

In case three selected cards form no triple, a text in the status bar will explain why it is not a valid triple. A valid triple is indicated by green borders. When you left-click another time on an arbitrary card the triple will be removed from the grid and refilled with three new cards. Now look for the next triple. As long as cards left in the grid or deck you continue to search for triples. If there are no triples left and no further cards on the deck the game is over. Click on 'New' to start a new game.

Sometimes it happens that you don't find a triple although it exists somewhere. Now you have two options: you can ask for a hint or uncover the next triple. Clicking 'Hint' will show a short text which tells you what to look for. Clicking 'Triple' shows the next triple with yellow borders. Now you can select the three cards and click a fourth time to take the triple. A hint cost you a time penalty of 15 seconds whereas an uncovered triple will not count to your score.

The Score

You can see the score in the status bar. There you find the number of found triples, the total time you are already playing, the average time you used to find one triple and the number of remaining cards on the deck. The number of triples will not be increased when you asked to uncover a triple. The total time will be increased by 15 seconds when you asked for a hint. The average time per triple is important for the final rating. This time will be used for the highscore. At the end of the game you can see if you beat the highscore or not. In menu 'game, highscore' you can always see the last highscore or reset it.
Special Cases

It may happen that there is no triple in the grid of 12 cards. The game detects this and expands the grid to 15 cards. When you find a triple in these 15 cards the grid will be reduced back to 12 cards. In very rare cases there is even no triple in 15 cards. In this case one card will be replaced automatically until a triple exists in the grid.

When the games comes close to the end there will be no remaining cards on the deck. Now you can find the rest of triples in the grid. The games ends when there is no triple left in the grid.

Have fun with playing and thinking!

Last updated on September 25th, 2010


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