Squares 3.0

Squares is the most feature-filled square-based puzzle game for Windows, Linux and other platforms!

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Jack Saunders
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Squares project is the most feature-filled square-based puzzle game for Windows, Linux and other platforms!

Squares is the product of several months of learning C,SDL and other technologies associated with games programming.

Here are some key features of "SDL Squares":

Cross platform graphical interface with SDL
Scalable interface with a myriad of supported resolutions
Attractive graphical randomization system so you can see your game being made!
Pause and reset buttons, keyboard shortcuts throughout the interface
Variable board size from 3x3 to 10x10
Competitive gameplay with display of number of moves and time
Full statistics including best time and average
Pleasant number-based game display or puzzle gameplay with images
Support for sets of images with five included by default (see below)
Ability to save and load games with quicksave
"Shift pieces" feature ups the pace of large games
Full configuration system with many options



What's New in This Release:

Changed save file name to have .sqr extension.
Fixed bug where full image could be shown in wrong mode (randomizing or winner)
Made winner transparency lighter to show image better.
Added ability to skip graphical randomization and added option.
Changed video mode setting to be faster and less annoying.
Fixed two major memory leaks! Ran with checker: leaks are now non-existant or minimal.
Added configuration system!!!
Shift pieces works with keyboard if holding down control
Fixed bug where timer_has_started would be set incorrectly after win
Added load dialog
Fixed bug where show_full_image() was called loads of times
Make winner and pause text res scaled
Fixed build errors with optimization
Made cheat code slightly more cryptic
Save set name and image counter
Fixed bug concerning puzzle mode setting not getting saved
Encrypt save file
Fixed bug concerning buffer overflow in best_moves
Created "Set Won!" screen displaying statistics for entire set
Fixed bug concerning slow randomization and set image changes
Fixed bug where options cancel button didn't cancel
Beautified/uglified interface with little black borders. Probably uglified but nessacary for consistancy
Disabled resolution change on some playing values :(
Added extra resolutions: 1152x864 and 1600x1200
Limited save game name length :
Save best scores
Fixed memory leak with load game dialog
Added scroll buttons on selectors
Fixed pointless and scary error messages on first run
Added Makefile for system-wide install and created launcher script to find data (doesn't apply on windows)

Last updated on January 16th, 2006

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