Slinker 0.1.0

Slinker is a slitherlink puzzle engine and player.

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GPL v3 
2.8/5 20
Tim Hutton
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Slinker is a slitherlink puzzle engine and player.

Slinker is an attempt to capture the best way to generate slitherlink-type puzzles.

Slitherlink is probably a trademark of Nikoli who invented the puzzle, so go to them if you want to buy genuine quality puzzles.

Here are some key features of "Slinker":

create and solve puzzles of different difficulties using a set of rules
verify that puzzles have a unique solution
decide whether a puzzle can be directly solved with a given ruleset.
can offer useful hints for when you get stuck
import/export puzzles as a Loopy string
compute more rules, if SlinkerGrid::FindNewRules() makes sense to you

Build instructions:

To compile Slinker, you need wxWidgets and CMake. It should run on any platform supported by these tools, which is many.

1) Your package manager (Synaptic or similar) should offer wxGTK (or similar) and cmake. Install them both.
2) Find wx-config (usually lives in /usr/bin or similar) - or wx-config-unicode.
3) Make a bin folder in the source code folder (or elsewhere).
4) From the bin folder, type "ccmake .." (or the path to the source folder)
5) ccmake may complain that wx-config was not found, if so enter the full path to the one you found, e.g. /usr/bin/wx-config-unicode
6) Keep hitting 'c' for configure until the pre-build is completed, and the 'g' option is offered.
7) Hit 'g' to generate the makefiles and exit.
8) Type 'make' to build Slinker.

Check the CMake manual for more options - you can make kdevelop projects, for example, or other IDEs.



Last updated on June 9th, 2008

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