Sepp 0.6

Sepp is a version of the classic sliding puzzle game in which the properly ordered tiles form a picture.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Alex Laburu
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Sepp is a version of the classic sliding puzzle game in which the properly ordered tiles form a picture.

Sepp, the Sliding Evil-Piece Puzzle, implements a computer version of the classic moving puzzle game, which has 15 sliding tiles in a 4-by-4 matrix and is also known as the 15 puzzle, in which the properly ordered tiles would form a picture.

Variants like Loyd's would be unsuitable for this version of the game because a picture in which two contiguous tiles were swapped (and which, therefore, could not be recomposed) might annoy users and likely be perceived as a bug in the program; therefore, Sepp does not perform arbitrary tile swapping when scrambling the tiles, and the original image can always be obtained given enough tile pushes.

On the other hand, Sepp implements its own innovative kind of player aggravation: based on a user-configurable degree of evil, ranging from Not at all evil to beyond Very Evil, Sepp decides, during each animation frame, whether it will disturb a tile while the game is in progress. For better or worse, this feature, which can be disabled by setting the evilness to Not at all evil, sets Sepp apart from other, similar games.

Here are some key features of "Sepp":

Sepp allows the player to select the tile that will be used as the empty slot by simply clicking on it before scrambling the tiles; this setting is remembered by Sepp for as long as the player's session stays in the puzzle in which the tile was chosen, and is dismissed when the user chooses a different picture or different grid geometry.
Sepp keeps track of time spent by the player in solving the puzzle, but displays it only if and when the puzzle is solved; in this regard, Sepp implements the same behavior as the casual game Frozen Bubble and avoids distracting and terrorizing the user during gameplay.
The terror that Sepp does cause its players comes in four levels, and can be set using an options menu that is available with a single click immediately after startup; in consideration of the elderly, the children, and small household appliances, "evilness" is disabled by default.
The Sepp player can enjoy endless hours the aggravation using the input device of his choice, whether it be the keyboard or the mouse: except for empty slot selection, all operations can be performed with either; additionally, Sepp does not require dragging of the tiles but instead supports single-click action.


Sepp is written for the DrScheme environment; therefore, Sepp should run just fine on any platform on which you can get DrScheme to run. I developed it on a 1.3GHz AMD Duron with SDRAM, so your machine will most probably run it without problems.

What's New in This Release:

added some missing standard distribution files
corrected and expanded existing distribution files
added RCS variables to program sources and standard distribution files
made sure that PDF slides of Sepp presentation make it into tarballs

Last updated on March 24th, 2006

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