Quintalign 1.0.1

Quintalign is a one player boardgame for Linux/KDE2 and Linux/KDE3.
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Quintalign is a one player boardgame for Linux/KDE2 and Linux/KDE3.

A bit similar to Tetris in this game you have to keep a game board free, fighting against new pieces appearing every move and clutter the board. You remove pieces by aligning pieces of the same colour in a row, column or diagonal.

If you have aligned enough pieces (default: 5) they will vanish making more room on the board. To achieve this you can move any pieces to any location on the board which can be reached by moving the piece on a connected path horizontally or vertically or both.

However, for each piece you move new pieces will drop onto the board (default: 3). Only if you manage to align enough pieces so that they vanish no new pieces will appear. You also have a joker piece which can be aligned with any colour.

Here are some key features of "Quintalign":

Tetris like boardgame - very addictive
Supports user themes for all graphics
Various configuration options and levels

The game is written and compiled under SUSE Linux 8.0 using qt.3.x and KDE 3.x. If you use the source file it shouldn't matter though and it will run with any Linux distribution.


tar xzf quintalign-1.0.1.tar.gz
cd quintalign-1.0.1
as root:
make install
otherwise (recommended):
su -c 'make install'
or if you do not have installation rights:
cd quintalign/quintalign


If you change the background graphics, you probably will have to turn of the decorations, too. Otherwise the graphics looks odd. To use the themes you need to make sure you downloaded the latest version of Quintalign!

last updated on:
December 8th, 2005, 16:22 GMT
developed by:
Martin Heni
license type:
GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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