PseudoQ 0.9

PseudoQ is a Su Doku puzzles on your computer.

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LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 
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Andy Stevens
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PseudoQ is a Su Doku puzzles on your computer.

PseudoQ is a java application for creating, playing and solving Su Doku (a.k.a. number place) puzzles of various types. It features both GUI and command-line operation. The automatic solving of puzzles uses "smart" techniques rather than a brute force search of every possible combination.

PseudoQ was originally intended as an entry for a competition in Linux Format magazine, but due to various factors wasn't ready in time for their deadline. However, it was complete enough that it seemed a shame not to finish it, and maybe raise some money for charity from my efforts.

PseudoQ is freely distributable under an open source license (LGPL). You are free to copy it, install it on as many machines as you like, give copies away to all your friends, etc. If you like it, however, perhaps you would consider making a donation? My job pays well enough that I don't need to make any money selling PseudoQ, so every penny I receive from PseudoQ will go to charity.


Java 1.5 or later


The main PseudoQ jar is an executable jar, and the manifest contains a classpath entry for the various dependency jars. You should therefore be able to run the program using the following command from the directory containing the jars:

java -jar PseudoQ.jar --gui

This starts PseudoQ in GUI mode, opening an initial window from which you can create new puzzles or reload existing ones from disk. To see details of the other options available, use

java -jar PseudoQ.jar

What's New in This Release:

This verrsion adds a couple of new puzzle types, and improves the puzzle generation to prevent generating unsolvable puzzles that contain contradictory entries.
Some bugfixes were made, and code coverage of the unit tests was increased.

Last updated on May 3rd, 2006

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