Polyominos 1.01

A tetris game written in Python and PyGame

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What's new in Polyominos 1.01:

  • Fixed bug in level 4 when calculating the score.
  • Added the official expansion boards 5-8.
  • Added capability for board 7 in the expansion.
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Lucian Schulte
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1 Polyominos Screenshot:
Polyominos is a clone of the board game FITS but for one player. It is programmed in Python 2.6 and using the PyGame and PyOpenGL libaries.
Run the script main.py to run the game.

Custom Levels can be made in a text editor, look at the code and current levels, feel free to add new level types.
Keyboard Commands:

S = skip piece (you cannot skip the first piece you play)
f = flip (flip the piece)
left/right arrows = move the piece to the appropriate column
up arrow = rotate the piece
down arrow = drop piece

The music just loops the same midi file

The main to begin the game run the script "main.py"

If you're unfamiliar with FITS these are the basic rules

1. Like Tetris but you can 'flip' the piece, although only vertical drops are allowed, no horizontal shifts
2. First Board score is based on number of lines, 1 point for each line -1 point for each open space
3. the pieces can go above the scoreable area on the board, in this version it won't let you put any pieces  above the 4 space above portion
4. Second board has bonus points, you get zero points for completed lines, -1 points for exposed circles  and the bonus points listed on the board
5. Third board is just like the 2nd board but there are -5 markers that if left uncover will cost you points
6. 4th board, again -1 for all exposed unmarked dots. There are 5 unique pairs of symbols, for each pair that  is uncovered you get +3 points. If only one of the symbols of a pair is exposed you lose 3 points. If both are covered there is no effect.

Last updated on December 12th, 2009


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