Petals on a Rose 1.0

Petals on a Rose is an intriguing puzzle game for all ages.

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Petals on a RosePetals on a RosePetals on a Rose
Petals on a Rose is an intriguing puzzle game for all ages. This website claims that Bill Gates was stumped by it for two days. It's usually played with a group of friends and a set of 5 dice. The game master rolls the dice and tells everyone the answer. This computer version of the puzzle works similarly, only in this case the computer plays as the game master.

To play you just double click the icon to start the program. Type your guess in the "Answer" field and press "Check". If your guess is correct you get congratulated, otherwise you need to try again. If you get tired of guessing you can press the "Give Up" button and you'll get the answer to that particular roll.

Just press the "Roll Dice" button at any time to get a new set of numbers.

Always remember, don't tell the answer to anyone!

Have fun, and good luck.

Last updated on July 20th, 2007

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