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Palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle game for all ages.





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Palapeli is a jigsaw puzzle game for all ages. Unlike other games in that genre, you are not limited to aligning pieces on imaginary grids. The pieces are freely moveable.

The package provided here is an SVN snapshot. A more current version is available at:


Using Palapeli

Choose "New" to let Palapeli create a jigsaw puzzle from an image on your disk (or from another arbitrary location). Pieces will appear on the board which you can move by dragging them with the left mouse button. Pieces will snap together automatically when adjoining. Your objective is to move all pieces to the right location to compose the image. You can save the game at any time, to reload it later.

You can move the view by using the mouse wheel (default is scrolling on Y axis, hold [Shift] to scroll on X axis, and hold [Ctrl] to zoom in and out).

The saved games view (menu entry "Game > Manage saved games") offers you to export saved games to a file which you can send around to your friends to share your puzzles with them.

The menu "Views" contains some separately activatable supplement views: The minimap gives an overview over the puzzle piece positions, and highlights your view. (You can click on the minimap to move the viewport.) The preview shows the image you're currently assembling.
Last updated on February 18th, 2010

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