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OCC is a PHP chess game.




Online Chess Club (OCC) is a small PHP chess game.
Note: If you don't know what PHP is don't bother to download. This is only required to set up a chess server. Playing needs nothing more than a simple web browser.

OCC is not intended for massive use but rather for a small circle of friends of yours. While it is possible to play a quick game by hitting 'Refresh!' frequently or using a chat tool to tell your friend whether you are finished, this is again not the intention of OCC. Other online chess games may fit this purpose better.

The idea of OCC is to run a number of games simultaneously against various friends and to check from time to time, like once a day, whether anyone has moved and if so to enter your move along with a comment.

Any number of simultaneous games is allowed. OCC stores the full move history of a game and automatically recognizes checkmate and stalemate. An option to draw a game is available (both sides have to agree) and when a game is finished it can either be archived or deleted. The moves itself are either submitted in the normal short chess notation or a full move notation. An in-game help explains the exact usage.

Further on, any game (no matter whether it is open or closed) can be re-viewed move by move or saved as PGN to analyse it with your favorite chess tool; for instance with Fritz.

A PHP-ready web server is required to set up a chess server while playing itself requires a browser.

What's New in This Release:

This release features some minor enhancements in the GUI (rearranged buttons and the addition of confirmation dialogs for draw offers to prevent accidental actions) and a bugfix in stalemate detection.
Last updated on December 27th, 2010

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