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Net-o-Grama is a networked anagram game, which can be played by up to 4 players, but playing alone is also supported.




Net-o-Grama is a networked anagram puzzle game, which can be played by up to 4 players, but playing alone is also supported. Currently the server and a terminal (ncurses) based client for Linux is ready, but a graphical client (sdl) is coming soon.




You need to have the development files for glib-2.0, ncurses, sdl and sdl-mixer, but the precompiled (on Ubuntu 7.10) binaries can be found in the tar package if you do not want to toil.

cd to the main dir of nog:

$make all

this will produce 3 executables:

nog_srv - the server
nog_ncurses - ncurses client with (sdl) sound
nog_ncurses_nososund - ncurses client without sound


While still in the nog dir


This will start the server with the default settings. A server can accept connections from up to 4 clients at the same time.

You can tpye commands (see "Server commands")

In another terminal (which could be on another machine having the same program) cd to the nog dir:


or if you are on a remote machine

$./nog_ncurses -s remote.server

or if you do not want sound replace "nog_ncurses" with "nog_ncurses_nosound"

Press enter in the client's window to become ready. The game starts, when all connected players are ready.

Server commands:

start - start a new game with the currently connected players
solve - solve the puzzle, end the game
list - list players connected
drop s - drop player connected to socket number s
time n - set gametime to n seconds
quit - quit

Keys during gameplay:

a..z - Move the first occurance of the letter to the end of the guess
1..7 - Move the letter in the nth position to the guess
SPACE - Shuffle remaining letters
Enter - Check and erase guess
Right arrow - Check guess, but do not erase it
Left arrow - Erase last letter from the guess
Backspace - Erase the whole guess without checking
TAB - Give game up
ESC or CTRL-C - Exit

Keys before gameplay:

Enter - become ready (if every connected player is ready, a game will start automatically)
ESC or CTRL-C - Exit
Last updated on January 25th, 2008

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