Neitris 1.0 Beta

Neitris is a competitive, network multiplayer version of Tetris.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
Alexandros Kostopoulos
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Neitris is a competitive, network multiplayer version of Tetris. The game features lots of bonuses and powerups used by players against their "victims".

Only the best, fastest, and smartest player will stay alive in the end.

Game Instructions

So, we are ready to go on with the game. At this point, a new window with the title Neitris should have appeared, which reads "Press Start to Start Game". Well....where is this damn Start button, anyway?

The Keys...

The keys used by the game are the following:

Start: the Start Key ... starts the game and is actually the key "1" on your keyboard (NOT the number 1 key in the numeric keypad, the other one...)
Left-Right: everybody knows what these two little ones do. Its the left and right arrows in the Numeric Keypad...
Down: It's the down arrow in the numeric keypad and can be used to make a piece go down faster
Rotate left: Rotates the piece to the left...the 5 key in the numeric keypad
Rotate right: Rotates the piece to the right...the return key
Drop: The drop key is used to instantly put the falling piece down. It's the 0 (Insert key, usually) in the numeric keypad
Victim: Changes the victim (we'll talk about it in a sec). The 5 key (not the one in the numeric keypad, the ...other one)
Use Antidote Key: Uses the antidote to get rid of applied powerups/bonuses(we said, WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT IN A WHILE). The 2 key (again, not the one in the numeric keypad, the ...other one)
The Reset-Wins key: Reset the wins counter. The 0 key (NOT THE ONE IN THE NUMERIC KEYPAD, I THOUGHT I'VE MADE THIS POINT CLEAR SO FAR!!!!!)

WAIT! Before starting to calling me names, I should tell you that you can change the keys if you don't like them (and I bet you don't if you're using a notebook - no numeric keypad there, eh?). To do that, you should use your favorite text editor and edit the file The naming of the keys in the form K_ is due to the pygame library which simply calls them like this. For normal letters, use K_a, k_b etc (note the lower case in the letter). For the normal arrow keys use K_LEFT, K_RIGHT, K_UP, K_DOWN. For keypad keys, use K_KP0 to K_KP9 and K_KP_ENTER for keypad enter. Function keys are K_F1 etc. Space bar is K_SPACE. Anyway, to see all the available keys do the following:

type python at a command prompt to invoke the Python Interpreter;
Then, from inside the interpreter, type import(pygame) and press enter. Then type dir(pygame) and press enter. All the strings beginning with K_ are the ones you can use, thank you very much.

What's New in This Release:

This the initial public release of the game.
Earlier versions (actually svn revisions) can be found at the svn repository at the project's SourceForge page.

Last updated on November 23rd, 2006

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