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Memonix game features a wonderful collection of four brain twisters, including Mosaic, Builder, Pair and Jigsaw.

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GPL (GNU General Public License) 
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Memonix game features a wonderful collection of four brain twisters, including Mosaic, Builder, Pair and Jigsaw. While being amazingly addictive and fun to play, these games can be used to improve your child's memory, brainpower, thinking and reaction. Five difficulty levels from normal to obscene plus the timer mean that the challenge will never run away. Joyful music and brightly-colored visuals maximize the excitement from the gameplay.To test the benefits of these games, you can free download and play a trial version.

Memonix features a pick-up-and-play interface that will take children little time to learn and start playing without their parents guidance. Another good thing about Memonix is the availability of countless addons for all four games. They can be downloaded online for free without even leaving the game environment.

Mosaic. In Mosaic, the player's objective is to memorize the position of different objects such as triangles, squares, and mugs scattered on the playfield and, after short viewing, reassemble the same pattern. When the player goes one level up, the complexity of the game increases. On the easiest level, the objects are arranged symmetrically so, the player needs to remember only half of the playfield. However, on the most difficult level, the player has to memorize not only position, but color of each object.

Builder. For all its seeming similarity to the previous puzzle, Builder has a slightly different objective – to view an image of a house and, then, reassemble the image by piecing up tiles with various house parts.

Pair. While Builder develops child’s memory and logic thinking, the third game - Pair puts more emphasis on the development of the visual memory. Here, the player must uncover and match two similar objects on the covered playfield.

Jigsaw. In Jigsaw, the player meets a classic jigsaw puzzle gameplay in its purest form where the objective is to reassemble a picture from scattered image tiles.


· libSDL (ver 1.2.6+)
· libsdl-image (ver 1.2.4+)
· libsdl-mixer (ver 1.2.6+)
· libogg (ver 1.1+)
· libvorbis (ver 1.1+)
· libvorbisfile (ver 1.1+)
· libjpeg (ver 6b+)

· Linux OS with 2.6+ kernel
· CPU 300+ MHz
· 64 MB RAM
· 3D acceleration video card with OpenGL
· mouse
· sound card

What's New in This Release:

· Fixed internet brouser launcher.
· Added minimization on brouser launch.
· Changed game window status tracking code.
· Changed game settings file folder on $HOME/.memonix
· Added game launch without parameters (cd /game/folder/ -> ./Memonix).
· Fixed music looping code.

Last updated on February 20th, 2007

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